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All-New All-Different Avengers #5: Review

Feb 2016
Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar

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4 stars

All-New All-Different Avengers #5 Review by (February 20, 2016)
So far in this series we've had Qeng Enterprises and a mention of the Dynasty last issue. The 2 things have only been combined as Qeng Dynasty twice before.
The 1st was in Avengers: Ultron Forever #1 where the female Thor from a future presumably later than this mentioned it. The only other current Avenger present was Vision, who seems to be in league/thrall with them.
The 2nd time was in Free Comic Book Day (2015) Avengers when only the 3 teens heard Radioactive Man mention it.
Now here Iron Man recognises the name Qeng Dynasty. Now it doesn't matter whether he heard it from the teens in the FCBD book or some other encounter. The question is why didn't he connect Qeng Dynasty with Qeng Enterprises and Mr Gryphon?

Vision has somewhat of a history of turning to the dark side. He was created by the robot villain Ultron, but threw off his master's yoke in his 1st appearance in Avengers #57-58. However he turned out to have a buried command to rebuild Ultron in #66-68. Vision's own malfunctioning internals led him to try to take over the world for its own good in #253-254.
And much more recently he was taken over by Ultron again in Age of Ultron. But that was reduced to an alternate timeline.

Grim Reaper, Mr Hyde and Juggernaut don't really appear here. And of course Thor isn't Captain Marvel. (Kamala doesn't know Thor's real identity, and threw Carol Danvers in because she's just a huge fan of Captain M.)
Grim Reaper is a long-time Avengers foe who follows the rule that enemies should be related to the heroes. He's Wonder Man's brother, and Vision has WM's brain patterns.
Mr Hyde *doesn't* follow the rule, but he's 1 of the original Thor's earliest foes from Journey Into Mystery #99. (But he is Daisy Johnson's father.)
X-foe and sometimes -friend Juggernaut *does* follow the rule - he's Prof X's step-brother.

Mad Thinker is really here, but only off-stage. He's not related to any other super-characters, but he does date back all the way to Fantastic Four #15 (the 1st issue with that title and number). His Dreadbot is just a robot that he's cobbled together here.
Equinox goes back quite a way to Giant-Size Spider-Man #1, but he's only made infrequent appearances since then. He's 1 of those villains who went straight (Marvel Comics Presents #147) but soon returned to criminality. But in MCP#147 he did have a daughter who'd inherited his abilities.

Kang of course has been around the Marvel Universe forever. But specifically in the post-Secret Wars books he's featured in the 1st arc of Uncanny Inhumans. He got killed there. But hey, he's a time traveller so this could be before then for him. He's also been killed before. (But who in the MU hasn't? Especially in the run-up to Secret Wars.)
And of course the Golden Avenger could be jumping to conclusions.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

All-New All-Different Avengers #5 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
24 hours ago in the not-state-of-the-art Avengers Hangar in the disused Stark airfield Vision tests his new holographic image power, and then destroys the recording of the test.

4 hours ago Captain America and Thor have defeated Grim Reaper and Mr Hyde. We see Thor kiss Cap (again). Then she takes him to Asgard where she unmasks to reveal herself to be Captain Marvel! But they are interrupted by a jealous Juggernaut.

That paragraph turns out to be fan fiction written by Kamala Khan on her computer in her bedroom, watched by her friend Bruno. Her brother Aamir passes the open door and automatically tells her off for having a boy in her room. Bruno wonders why she still writes Avengers fanfic when she now is an Avenger as Ms Marvel. Kamala counters that it's not fiction because she saw them kiss (last issue).

MsM gets a web-lift from Spider-Man to an Avengers meeting.

2 hours ago she and Vision are fighting the Mad Thinker's giant Dreadbot while the rest of the team are off-page dealing with the villain and protecting the innocent. Vision smashes through the bot's head, presumably 'killing' it. But at the same time he encourages Ms Marvel to keep fighting it. She gets big and uses judo taught to her by Cap to smash the robot to the ground. She exults in her victory as it lies defeated. And Vision gives an evil grin.

But now the assembled team (minus Nova) take MsM to task. Vision replays the scene of her battle, where the falling Dreadbot appears to threaten bystanders. (This is obviously Vizh's holographic projection system in use.) He claims to have seen her recklessly endangering civilians before.

Sam Wilson gets very angry with her, ignoring her stammered protestations of innocence. Iron Man is more understanding, but blames himself for allowing someone so young and untrained on the team. He reluctantly fires her.

As she leaves in tears she meets Nova who's late for the meeting (and the adventure). She tells him Vision lied about her and now she's been thrown off the team. As she runs off she says that at least Nova will be happy because (she thinks) he doesn't like her.

But Nova remembers Vision blackmailing him in #3. And sowing the seeds of distrust about Thor last issue. So he rockets into the Hangar and accosts the synthezoid, accusing him of having evil motives. The others of course don't believe Vision is capable of such a thing, and drag Nova off the unresisting 'zoid. (They obviously haven't studied Avengers history. Even Iron Man who lived through it.)

The argument is interrupted by an alarm going off to alert them of a situation in the High Line Park. Cap tells Nova to stay behind. When the teen protests Cap fires him too. Vision has that grin again.

Miles Morales rides on Vision's back as the team-members fly to their destination. Acutely aware that he's not much older or experienced than the 2 rejected teens, he tries to suck up to Cap. But Sam Wilson is short with him too. Sam also shuts down Tony Stark when he tries to discuss the Thor kiss with him.

When they get to the park on the disused elevated rail line they find a foe who Stark's AI Friday identifies as Equinox, a villain who emits extreme heat and extreme cold. Iron Man remembers him now, but not as this powerful.

While everyone else rescues innocent bystanders, Vision goes for a direct attack. But the response is the sudden arrival through portals of 2 more Equinoxes. And 1 carries Thor's helmet, the other Cap's shield. Even more copies of the villain pop in, 1 with a torn piece of Spidey's costume. They claim to be from the future where they've already defeated the team.

The duplicates all shout "Honour the Dynasty". Thor recalls previous times villains have mentioned the Qeng Dynasty. Iron Man adds together Qeng and 'future' and comes up with their old time-travelling foe Kang. Just as we see Mr Gryphon the boss of Qeng Enterprises hovering nearby. (It's unclear to me whether the Avengers can see Gryphon, or if he's invisible to them as he was in #2-3.)

But then a portal appears behind Cap and Thor, and Vision uses his eye-blasts to propel them through it just before Mjolnir returns to its mistress's hand. Shocked Spidey witnesses it.

The 2 Avengers find themselves in the future, viewing the past battle through the portal that now acts as a solid window. Then 2 Equinoxes appear to menace them, but Thor doesn't turn to fight. Instead she desperately tries to get back to her hammer. Then Sam Wilson learns why as his companion reverts to frail cancer-ridden Jane Foster.

Mahmud Asrar
Mahmud Asrar
Dave McCaig
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Iron Man
Iron Man

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Plus: Grim Reaper (Eric Williams).

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