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All-New All-Different Avengers #2: Review

Dec 2015
Mark Waid, Adam Kubert

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4 stars

All-New All-Different Avengers #2 Review by (December 9, 2015)
The art team for this issue is the same as that of the 1st story in last issue. In both this issue and last the the splash page has the heroic cast down either side. But there appear to be parts of extra figures intruding at the edges. Joining both sides together solves most of the mystery - the extras are bits of the other heroes in a composite picture. But then Thor on the right side of the page is split in half, and the half person opposite her definitely isn't her. Red cape - is it the original Thor? Yellow and blue costume - is it Sentry? It's a mystery. Nova didn't just throw Warbringer into the Sun in No#31, he flew them both *through* the sun. Nova emerged intact on then other side but the Chitauri was just a charred husk. We aren't told how he survived that. But when his body was reconstituted on Earth last issue he was in contact with others of his race. The repetition of the "You're a jerk!" scene here means that my 2nd sequencing surmise last issue was correct. The fight in Avengers Tower was 12 hours earlier than this. And the Ms Marvel/Nova confrontation was 6 weeks earlier than this. I didn't realise that the 'local atoms' Warbringer used last issue to create his body when he teleported in were the workers in Avengers Tower.


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All-New All-Different Avengers #2 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue Captain America, Iron Man and the ex-Ultimate Spider-Man were severely defeated by the Chitauri Warbringer in what used to be Avengers Tower. Now Cap comes to his senses to find Spidey webbing his wounded legs. And Iron Man's armour is quite melted.

Then Vision floats in. He had been monitoring the removal of important items, now that the Tower has a new owner. He interfaces with the OS in IM's armour and gets it to self-dismantle. Just in time as Tony Stark was starting to suffocate in there.

That new owner, Mr Gryphon, appears and is not happy with the damage to his property. When they discuss what happened, Miles Morales who was 1st on the scene finds that he can't remember anything about the man who was with the Chitauri. (We know it was Gryphon, who did something to cloud his presence.) Stark says that the armour was just an experimental version (that morphed form his car last issue). And he calls the real 1 to him.

Meanwhile Nova has detected the presence of Warbringer and streaks from Arizona to New York to intercept him (giving an excuse to his schoolteacher). Last Sam Alexander knew he'd thrown the alien into the Sun. WB is in the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City grabbing the 1st of 3 parts of a Chitauri artefact he's searching for. Except he's confronted by the elastic Ms Marvel just as he achieves his goal.

Kamala Khan wants to take the fight outside to avoid damage to the building. But Sam doesn't care about that when he rockets in through a glass wall. However his 1st move is to propel the alien out through another hole.

Even as they fight the enemy the 2 heroes continue to rub each other the wrong way as they did last issue. Warbringer sets fire to a block of buildings, then escapes while MsM saves the occupants and Nova puts the flames out by demolishing the building. But Marvel thinks the solution is worse than the problem, and we get the "You're a jerk!" moment from the opening page of last issue.

Nova zooms off to follow the alien, and Ms Marvel elongates her legs to stride after him. But they are overtaken by the other 4 heroes, with Spider-Man surfing on Iron Man's back. Sam (Falcon/Cap) Wilson picks Kamala up to keep pace with the fliers. Miles fills them in on what he overheard last time, that Warbringer wants to find 3 Chitauri artifacts and the unspecified consequences will be dire.

Iron Man has located their foe in the Grove Street PATH station. He's going to kill more people to maintain the body he created last issue. But Spidey webs them out of the way into the arms of Cap and MsM. Meanwhile Iron Man, Nova and Vision combine blasts to knock Warbringer down. But he just uses his trident to make a hole into the sewers below.

MsM, Nova and SM follow him down, with Cap, Iron Man and Vision close behind. But it's a stand-off until Thor makes a dramatic entrance. She holds back her lightning because of the water everywhere, but hurls Mjolnir. However unknown to everyone Mr Gryphon has arrived to watch the proceedings. A mystic gesture causes the hammer to nip through a wormhole to miss the alien villain and continue its trajectory behind him, smashing a wall of the sewer.

Warbringer escapes as a deluge of water hits the not-Avengers.

Adam Kubert
Adam Kubert
Sonia Oback
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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