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All-New All-Different Avengers #7: Review

Mar 2016
Mark Waid, Adam Kubert

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4 stars

All-New All-Different Avengers #7 Review by (March 25, 2016)
Adam Kubert takes the artist reins back from Mahmud Asrar.

Jane Foster's predicament wherein being Thor stops her recovery from cancer was explained in #1 of the latest Thor series.

Ecoterrorist Green Skull's only previous appearance was in Captain America (2013) #7 (when Cap was still Steve Rogers). The Green Skull crime Sam Wilson rushes off to here is shown in Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha. There he also learns about Pleasant Hill from Rick Jones/Whisperer, and calls in his Avengers team on the way there as seen here.

Night Phantom originally appeared in #14 of the original Iron Man series, at the end of which he disappeared presumed dead. An android version was used in #44-45 by a mastervillain. This new app is presumably the original. But I'm sure Pleasant Hill wasn't around to keep him all the time since then.

The Unity Squad found their Maria Hill in Uncanny Avengers #7, where she claimed to have escaped from Pleasant Hill. Hill led them there and that issue ended with the quinjet with the ANAD Avengers and the other MH shooting at them as here.

The young girl with the snowglobe has been seen (without the snowglobe) in Pleasant Hill in Av Standoff: Welcome to PH and Av Standoff: Assault on PH Alpha.

This will be continued in UAv#8.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

All-New All-Different Avengers #7 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Sam Wilson and Jane Foster are having coffee. He wants to know why she keeps transforming to Thor knowing it negates the effects of the chemotherapy on her cancer. She says she becomes Thor because it's important to carry on the legacy that she's been deemed worthy of, as he does for Captain America. And she reverts to Jane to keep fighting the cancer.

Sam agrees to keep her secret from the other Avengers. But he also suspects she may be becoming Thor hoping to die a meaningful death. And he won't let her commit suicide like that.

He gets an alert about supervillain Green Skull and flies off to deal with it.

In Coles Academic High School Kamala Khan has been asked to solve a maths problem on the blackboard. But then the substitute teacher puts her out of her misery by revealing himself to be Vision (for her eyes only) and dismisses the class. He asks her to meet him on the roof.

Kamala tries to reassure herself that Vision isn't evil now they've got rid of Kang's influence (last issue). He assures her he's used his holographic abilities to make sure her secret identity hasn't been compromised. (But I think she may be more worried that he knows who she is - I believe the Avengers aren't supposed to.)

Then he gives her a present to make up for what Kang made him do to her. It's virtual reality glasses pre-loaded with a visual history of the Avengers from their 1st adventure against Loki. I don't think he realised just how much this would mean to the fan-girl.

Then Iron Man and Thor fly overhead and the Golden Avenger tells them to follow to where Spider-Man is fighting someone. (Kamala manages to find the time to change into costume as Ms Marvel.) IM recognises him as a really old foe Night Phantom who is radioactive underneath his costume and bandages. Meanwhile NP says he's been held captive in Pleasant Hill for he doesn't know how long.

Thor KO's him with a thunderbolt and Iron Man wraps him up in something. But then Maria Hill arrives and says she'll take the villain into SHIELD custody. Shellhead gets a call for backup from Sam Cap who's heading to a secret SHIELD facility called Pleasant Hill. Tony Stark suggests to Hill that as they're obviously going to the same place maybe they should share a ride.

Hill pilots what is presumably their quinjet (because Deadpool recognises it as an Avengers craft when they arrive), and somewhere along the line they pick up Nova. En route Maria explains that Pleasant Hill is a prison for supervillains where they are depowered, brainwashed and given productive new identities in the small town.

They find the Uncanny Avengers/Unity Squad (without Steve Rogers) waiting for them. And both sides realise that each has a duplicate Maria Hill with them!

The MH piloting the quinjet opens fire. Cable deploys the Unity Squad. Vision and MsM restrain their MH while Shellhead tries to gain control of the quinjet and the situation. Rogue smashes though a window carrying Quicksilver, who uses Iron Man as a weapon to hit other Avengers with. Thor and Rogue start to fight as the quinjet crashes.

5 ANAD Avengers emerge unscathed holding unconscious Quickie and their MH. Miles Spidey uses webbing to capture the other MH just in case. There's a chance the 2 sides will settle down to talk, until Thor's hammer propels Rogue into their midst.

Human Torch attacks Thor in response. Ms Marvel wraps her elastic arms around Deadpool. Nova attacks Synapse, and Dr Voodoo takes on Iron Man. And  Thor denies having anything to do with the snow that is falling, which starts to obscure their view.

Then Stark notices Nova bounce off something in midair, and realises there's a forcefield keeping them out of Pleasant Hill. He manages to get everyone with firepower to concentrate on that.

But we see the whole scene in a snowglobe in the hands of a young girl. And suddenly there's a burst of light.

And we see Tony Stark as a car mechanic in Pleasant Hill, with his assistant Miles who has a headache. (Which we know is his spider-sense going wild.) And the population number on the 'Welcome to Pleasant Hill' sign increases by 13.

Adam Kubert
Adam Kubert
Sonia Oback
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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