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All-New All-Different Avengers #8: Review

Apr 2016
Mark Waid, Adam Kubert

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4 stars

All-New All-Different Avengers #8 Review by (April 24, 2016)
The idea that the Avengers were summoned here by Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, and each team was led here by a Maria Hill, doesn't *quite* match up to what happened in the previous issues of the 2 series. Last issue the ANADA did get alerted about Pleasant Hill by Sam, but Maria Hill tried to warn them off. In Uncanny Av #7 the Unity Squad responded to Steve's call but on the way found their Maria on the run from the place. She did happily lead them there.
Similarly if the Hill's were supposed to keep the Avengers away from the town they didn't do a brilliant job. ANADA's Maria did tell them to stay away but then flew them here. UAv's version just brought them. But Maria 1 did start the teams fighting, which was a delaying tactic until Kobik could handle them. So it seems that Maria 1 was obeying orders but Maria 2 really was trying to escape.

Synapse *isn't* supposedly a proper telepath. In UAv#7 Cable taught her to be a lie detector, and she can sense the presence of minds. But she shouldn't be able to act as a mental switchboard.

Bloodlust 1st appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #49-50 fighting Spider-Man and Wolverine. She joined 2 female villain groups, Femme Fatales and Superia's Femizons, to battle Spider-Man and Captain America respectively.
Mindblast was also in those 2 teams. She's since been a member of the Doom Maidens in Fearless Defenders.

Deadpool was a test subject alongside Wolverine in the Weapon X project, and then used by them as a mercenary. (This ignores the fact that he was a mercenary beforehand. And also doesn't mention that after disobeying orders he was given over to more painful experiments from which he escaped.)
Kobik, as we learned in Av Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha, was created from fragments of Cosmic Cubes and used by SHIELD to control the inmates of PH.

Kobik made Steve young again in CA:SW #7 where he also teamed up with Sam and Winter Soldier

The producers of this issue have thrown some obscure villains at us. The Marvel Wiki lists a lot of them, and comicbookdb agrees about nearly all of those. But some figures are small and indistinct and some on p16-17 are in silhouette, so some identifications are iffy.

2 of them are supposedly dead.
Megaton the Nuclear Man died in his only app in #22-23 of the original Captain Marvel.
Coldheart had a slightly longer career but was 1 of the villains who died in the Stamford disaster that kicked off Civil War.

Most of the villains here only make single-panel appearances. The only multi-panel guys I can be sure of in this issue are Armadillo, Living Laser and Man-Ape.
Armadillo is a frequently-used minor villain, often played for sympathy. He's cropped up lately in several issues of the 2 series starring Sam Wilson as Captain America.
Living Laser and Man-Ape are long-time Avengers villains, with special interest in Iron Man and Black Panther respectively.

Some of the 1-panelers appear in other Standoff issues.
Absorbing Man, Scorcher, Tiger Shark, and Trapster are all in Alpha.
Absorbing Man also has a featured role in Illuminati #6.
Scorcher is also in Howling Commandos of SHIELD #6.
Tiger Shark is here in his mutated shark-form from #3 of the original Thunderbolts, although his appearances since then have varied between that and his more human look.
(Actually his rear-view app here on p3 reminded me more of Savage Fin from MCP#49-50 (alongside Bloodlust). Eric Larson created the char there as a spoof of his own Savage Dragon. He's someone else who died in his only appearance.)
Trapster's Frightful Four companion Wizard is in UAv#8.
The Blood Brothers appear in in CASW#7.

The most impressive single-panel app is Squid on p2. He takes centre-spot and has unconscious/dead Miles Morales plus helpless female Thor in his tentacles.

The sites list 2 chars with similar wings - Condor and Griffin. I can only find 1 such, on p2, and he looks more like Condor to me. This guy was a recurring foe of the original Nova starting with #2.
As was Diamondhead who debuted in Nova #3.

The sites also mention Skein. If she's the woman with antennae on p8 with a Blood Brother then she's reverted to her old Gypsy Moth look.
And if the Answer is really represented here then I can only assume he's the guy with Diamondhead on p7.
Both sites quote Bushwacker, and my only guess for him is a silhouetted blasting figure on p16.

I'll mention without comment Chemistro, Controller, Dragonfly, Flying Tiger, Human Fly, Nuklo and Plantman.

The Wiki has 2 villains that comicbookdb doesn't:- Brute and Grey Gargoyle.
The alternate-universe Reed Richards called Brute is on p19.
But with the best will in the world I can't find Grey Gargoyle anywhere.

To be continued in ASAPH Omega.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

All-New All-Different Avengers #8 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Uncanny Avengers #8 the ANAD Avengers and the Unity Squad regained their memories in Pleasant Hill (in civilian garb). But then the Kobik little girl/Cosmic Cube arrived to send them to sleep again.

But now we see 15 minutes in the future where a crowd of supervillains are crowing over the seemingly dead or dying teams.

Back in the present Kobik says "Go to sleep". But we 'hear' it in slomo as her targets disappear in 3 batches.

Quicksilver has whisked them away. He's separated them into 3 groups for increased safety. Human Torch, Ms Marvel, Spider-Man and Synapse. Cable, Iron Man, Rogue and Thor. Deadpool, Dr Voodoo, Nova and Vision. He tells Synapse to keep them all in mental communication. But they are being stalked by supervillains who have also been awakened.

They recall that they were summoned here by Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson/Captain America. Each team was led here by a Maria Hill, who initially caused them to fight each other. At this point the 2 Marias run up to Pietro and the Cable group claiming that they are prisoners here too. And neither of them is the real Hill - they are Bloodlust and Mindblast and they were supposed to keep the Avengers away from Pleasant Hill.

Kobik has split into 3 copies to confront each group. She says that she was supposed to keep everybody safe and happy. But it's all going wrong and the villains are waking up. At this point those villains attack.

Kobik panics as she sees the heroes being slaughtered by the villains. Some fall in the 1st moments of the surprise assault. Some are hampered by the lack of their tech. But some with natural powers fight back for a time. But still it's not going well.

Kamala Khan and Miles Morales try to get to Kobik to get her to stop the bad guys, but they are hit by a blast. The only person free to talk to Kobik is Wade Wilson, a prospect which daunts the incapacitated Miles. But the 2 bond over their similar pasts - they were both created to be a powerful tool and used by bad people.

Deadpool gets Kobik to restore the Avengers' health and costumes. Now they fight back and of course win. Then Ms Marvel gets a call from rejuvenated Steve Rogers who's with Cap and Winter Soldier. And the call is "Avengers Assemble".

Adam Kubert
Adam Kubert
Sonia Oback
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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