Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #26: Review

Dec 2022
Kyle Starks, David Baldeon

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Midwest, not mid-best

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4 stars

Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #26 Review by (February 10, 2024)
I don't know if this Dec 2022 online issue is meant to test the waters for more use of the team or just to keep the copyright alive. But they've not been seen again as of this writing in Jan 2024.

All 4 were last seen in a mass hero scene in Fantastic Four (2018) 43.

Rhino has been around since Amazing Spider-Man #41. He even had a cameo in a villain crowd scene flashback in #3 of the GLA's 2nd mini-series. He continues to crop up all over the place, but at least half the time in the Spider-Man family of titles.

Doorman really *is* an Angel Of Death serving Oblivion. The team knew that since #4 of the 1st mini-series. This was still true in their 2nd mini-series in the post-Secret Wars universe. But this issue seems to claim that they never believed in his other job, or even that it was never true.


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Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic #26 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Nowhere, Indiana Big Bertha and Flatman of the Great Lakes Avengers are on a rooftop staking out the building where an unguarded safe holds a huge diamond which was discovered in a cornfield. Bertha expects some villain or other won't be able to resist stealing it. The other 2 group members Doorman and Mr Immortal join them. DeMarr Davis claims to dance on the Internet for money but Craig Hollis doesn't believe him. BB is sure that violates the team's decency code but DM says he's an influencer. Val Ventura asks if that's like his claim to be a Grim Reaper but DeMarr says that was just a turn of phrase.

Just then Rhino smashes his way out of the building with the diamond in his arms. Bertha thinks he's too strong for them and they should call the police but leader Mr I won't hear of it and gives them a stirring speech. And Bertha Crawford has an idea.

Mr I stands in the villain's way. Rhino asks if the I on his chest means he's Mr Indiana, but before he can be corrected he punches the hero and seemingly kills him. Then FM's elastic body envelops him, making him drop the diamond. Rhino continues to stomp his way forwards despite Flatman's stretchy arms clinging on to 2 lampposts. 'Dead' Craig Hollis suddenly pops up in front of Aleksei Sytsevich and explains that the I stands for Immortal. This allows elastic FM to snap back and send Rhino hurtling backwards to collide with immovable Big Bertha. He rebounds off her into the sky and towards a water tower where Doorman has taken up position. As the villain reaches him DM uses his power and becomes a doorway through which Rhino passes into the tower.

Bertha thinks that will hold him long enough for the police to arrive. Despite his strength and invulnerability he'll have to keep treading water to breathe. (Personally I think he'll sink like a stone and they've killed him.) FM worries about him punching his way out, but Mr I says if he does they'll stop him again because they're Avengers.

The issue ends with 2 male teens recognising Doorman from the Internet.

David Baldeon
David Baldeon
Israel Silva
David Baldeon (Cover Penciler)
David Baldeon (Cover Inker)
Israel Silva (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Plus: Big Bertha, Doorman, Flatman, Great Lakes Avengers, Mr Immortal.

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