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Captain America: Sam Wilson #16: Review

Dec 2016
Nick Spencer, Angel Unzueta

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4.5 stars

Captain America: Sam Wilson #16 Review by (December 25, 2016)
Comments: Lady Stilt-Man was introduced in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #611 and went on to be a member of Misty Knight's Villains for Hire team. Claire Temple is here drawn to look like Rosario Dawson, who plays the role in Marvel's Netflix series, even though the comics and TV Claires are otherwise quite different. Artist Angel Unzueta gets an assist this issue from Szymon Kudranski.

Review: Great showcase for Misty Knight, maybe the best in decades. She is no sidekick, but a hero helping out another hero in need. Nice visuals, especially when she is fighting the horde of LMDs. And there's one great sight gag: Lady Stilt-Man with her long mechanical legs lying along three hospital beds.


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Captain America: Sam Wilson #16 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Over the past few issues, Sam Wilson has been having a hard time being Captain America, so Misty Knight has arranged for Sam to go on a weekend road trip with his brother Gideon. She gets a call from Claire Temple, telling her that Callie RyanLady Stilt-Man—is in the hospital. Misty goes over to see her and Callie tells her that her biggest problem is a phony sex tape circulating on the internet, and no one will believe her when she claims it is an impostor. Misty vows to help her....

With some research on the internet, Misty discovers there is an entire industry of sex tapes and photos featuring female super heroes and villains. She consults expert hacker Rick Jones who uncovers a huge and invisible organization. Studying the tapes, Misty is able to uncover the identity of the man in Callie's tape. She beats up on the hood named Morty, who tells her it was an LMD (Life Model Decoy) of Callie and the guy who arranged it all was the Miami crime boss known as the Slug....

Misty packs her bags, including Cap's shield, and flies to Florida. There, the Slug is meeting with his customers, unveiling his new line of A-list superheroines (She-Hulk, Storm, Medusa, and others) with the stipulation they tape the sex activities for blackmail purposes. Misty's arrival scares off the Slug's clients and the gangster orders his LMD superheroines to attack. Misty kicks them to pieces and then flings Cap's shield to shoot down the Slug in his rocket powered platform as he escapes. After using some robotic sharks to scare the baddie, Misty calls the Coast Guard to pick up the Slug....

Misty then travels the country, hunting down and punishing those who helped distribute the sex tapes and returns to New York. Sam returns from his trip and he and Misty get all romantic....

Angel Unzueta
Angel Unzueta
John Rauch
Paul Renaud (Cover Penciler)
Paul Renaud (Cover Inker)
Paul Renaud (Cover Colorist)


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