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Captain America #101: Review

May 1968
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

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When Wakes the Sleeper!

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4 stars

Captain America #101 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First of a four-part story. The cover image of the Red Skull was used for his Marvel Value Stamp.


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Captain America #101 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
On a city street Captain America is engaged in battle with fugitive Nazi Werner von Krimm and his bodyguards. Nick Fury arrives and stuns Cap by apologizing to von Krimm and assuring him that he won't be bothered by any more costumed clowns. Shortly Fury explains to Cap that he planted a homing device on von Krimm, hoping to be led to his master. Good thing too, since von Krimm is on his way to a meeting with the Red Skull. As the Skull’s men uncover the crypt that holds the fourth Sleeper, the villain recalls how he escaped the exploding submarine (in TALES OF SUSPENSE #91): by locating an escape capsule and launching himself to safety. All he awaits is von Krimm with the key to control the Sleeper.

Meanwhile, Captain America is following his quarry to the Red Skull’s island; his craft is shot down and he drops to the ground safely in an inflato-suit. He allows himself to be captured by guards and ushered into the Red Skull’s presence. The Skull takes the crystal key from von Krimm and awakens the Sleeper. The huge robot can control its density, making it virtually indestructible, and has the power to generate volcano-like eruptions. Cap breaks free and tries to wrest the key from the Red Skull, but it is too late, the monster has been set on its deadly mission. The Skull leaps into an escape tunnel with Cap hot on his trail, as the Sleeper erupts, destroying the island. In a shelter far below, Captain America and the Red Skull battle with Cap gaining possession of the key just as the shelter walls collapse, filling the room with water. The Sleeper continues on an underground path along the east coast of the USA destroying everything it passes beneath. Nick Fury informs Agent Thirteen that it looks like Captain America is dead. However, just off the seacoast, Cap suddenly surfaces, with the key in his possession.

Jack Kirby
Syd Shores
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)


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Captain America
Captain America

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Red Skull
Red Skull

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