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Captain America #110: Review

Feb 1969
Stan Lee, Jim Steranko

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No Longer Alone

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3 stars

Captain America #110 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Hulk’s first appearance in a Captain America title. First appearance of Rick Jones in this title. First appearance of Madame Hydra, later known as Viper. Rick officially becomes Cap’s new partner. First of a three-part story drawn by the legendary Jim Steranko.


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Captain America #110 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
A lonely, dejected Steve Rogers, walking the streets late at night, stops to look at a huge poster of Captain America when suddenly the Hulk smashes through the wall, pursued by the US Army. Steve changes into his Cap costume and arrives in time to see the Hulk blasted with an ionic energy cannon. Despite Rick Jones’ warning, Cap approaches to see if Jade Jaws is alive and, boy, is he. Cap tries to calm the enraged Hulk and ends up knocking him down. Now Rick goes to Hulk’s aid; Hulk seizes him and hurls a lamppost, destroying the cannon. The shockwave causes a nearby building to collapse. Hulk leaps away and Cap rescues Rick, taking him home to recover from his injuries.

On awakening, Rick tries on Bucky Barnes’ costume and volunteers to be Cap’s new partner. Cap, afraid to see another boy die, at first refuses but when the Avenger alarm goes off, they answer it together. In the sewers they discover Madame Hydra leading a team of minions in a plot to contaminate the city’s water supply. Cap battles them as best he can, trying to keep Rick out of harm’s way but in the end, Cap chooses to save Rick from drowning, enabling the villains to escape. Captain America and his new partner head on home.

Jim Steranko
Joe Sinnott
Jim Steranko
Jim Steranko (Cover Penciler)


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