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Captain America #124: Review

Apr 1970
Stan Lee, Gene Colan

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Mission: Stop the Cyborg!

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3 stars

Captain America #124 Review by (February 15, 2010)
In an unusual move the story starts on the cover and continues inside.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #124 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Captain America is attacked in an alley by two A.I.M. assassins. He fights them off easily and they flee, though their dropped weapons dissolve when Cap tries to recover one for SHIELD to study. At A.I.M. headquarters, MODOK orders one of the failed killers eliminated and the other is offered the choice of death or the cyborg experiment. The assassin chooses to become a cyborg: he undergoes an elaborate series of treatments and emerges a huge, powerful, part-man, part-machine creature. Later, Cap stops by SHIELD HQ to settle things with Sharon Carter; he demands that Nick Fury reassign her to a desk job and gets her to promise to take no more dangerous assignments. Turning on the scanner they see the A.I.M. cyborg robbing a bank by ripping the vault door off its hinges and escaping up a sheer wall. Returning to MODOK, the cyborg is informed that this was merely a test before his real mission—destroying Captain America. Soon after this, Sharon relays a message to Cap that Fury wants to meet him at a building downtown. When Fury walks in moments later, Sharon realizes that she has sent Cap into a trap and heads to the address to warn him. She arrives at the site first and is attacked by the cyborg but Cap suddenly appears to battle the monster through the trap-filled house. The going looks rough for Cap until he uses an electrical wire to short out his foe’s power source. Sharon rushes into Cap’s arms but he, believing she was assigned to go there by Fury, pushes her away, angry that she broke her promise to stay out of danger. She did it only to save the man she loves but Cap won't listen, as he walks off into the night.

Gene Colan
Joe Sinnott
Marie Severin (Cover Penciler)


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