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Captain America #129: Review

Sep 1970
Stan Lee, Gene Colan

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The Vengeance of the Red Skull!

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3 stars

Captain America #129 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Something you don't see everyday: Cap makes a Spiro Agnew joke (Google him, kids).


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Captain America #129 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
On his videotronic remoti-scanner, the Red Skull watches Steve Rogers on his motorcycle trip around America. The circuit switches over to the Nazi villain’s other target, the visiting King Hassab of Irabia. Calculating that his two targets are less than fifty miles apart, he proclaims that his scheme to start a world war cannot fail. His men change the direction of a highway sign sending Steve toward the town of Clifton. A few minutes later, the King’s entourage is also diverted to Clifton while the Secret Service and National Guard are in Ashville, the planned destination. The Red Skull and his men head toward the rendezvous, with the Skull’s helicopter spreading an artificial rain cloud to delay any air assistance. In Clifton, Steve spots some costumed henchmen and switches to his Captain America costume just in time to prevent the villains from kidnapping the King at gunpoint. The Skull anticipated this and drops a huge magnet from the chopper and seizes the King’s limousine whole, heading for his hidden hideaway. The villain explains to the King that Cap will come to his rescue and stumble into a death trap, and war will be the result. On his cycle, Cap pursues the villains into the mountains, where he allows himself to be captured by the Red Skull’s guards. Using his shield as a crowbar, Cap escapes from his cell and leaps aboard the Skull’s rocket sled, where he overpowers the henchmen but causes the sled to derail. The Skull drags the King to a waiting rocket and tries to thrust him inside but the King fights back, surprising his captor. Cap and the Skull fight on the threshold of the rocket and Cap manages to flip his foe into the craft and leap to safety just as the rocket launches into space.

Gene Colan
Dick Ayers


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Captain America

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