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Captain America #125: Review

May 1970
Stan Lee, Gene Colan

Story Name: Viet Nam!

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3 stars

Captain America #125 Review by (February 15, 2010)
A rare appearance of an Iron Man villain in this title. Stan also seems careful not be taking sides in the Vietnam conflict, reflecting the changing times.


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Captain America #125 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
After breaking up with Sharon Carter over a misunderstanding, Captain America is going stir crazy waiting for some kind of action. He hears on the news that Dr. Robert Hoskins, humanitarian physician, is missing in Viet Nam, he determines to find the man. Using his Avengers ID to gain clearance from the State Department, he hitches a ride on a B-52 and parachutes into a combat zone. The fighting in the area has intensified since both North and South believe that the other side is falsely accusing them of capturing the beloved healer. Changing into costume, Cap is spotted by a sniper whom he manages to defeat but the soldier’s compatriots arrive to open fire on the hero. Cap escapes by hiding in a trench and moving quietly through the jungle. Cap deliberately walks into a trap and when soldiers in unfamiliar uniforms appear, he allows himself to be captured and taken to their leader—the Mandarin. The Asian warlord seeks to seize power after east and west have destroyed each other. Cap swings into action, fighting off the guards and deflecting the villain’s power ring blasts with his shield. A blast sets the room on fire and Cap takes the opportunity to head for the dungeon, where he frees Dr. Hoskins and heads for the exit. The Mandarin is waiting on the drawbridge for them and unleashes a power blast; Cap bounces it back to destroy the drawbridge chain sending the villain into the chasm below. When it becomes clear that neither the North nor South was responsible for the kidnapping, the peace talks can proceed. A melancholy Captain America walks through the rain his mind on loneliness, strife and, one day, defeat.

Gene Colan
Frank Giacoia


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