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Captain America #128: Review

Aug 1970
Stan Lee, Gene Colan

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Mission: Stamp Out Satan’s Angels!

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3 stars

Captain America #128 Review by (February 15, 2010)
With its attempt to be hip and relevant, this issue dates worse than most Marvel comics of the period.


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Captain America #128 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Steve Rogers, despondent at his treatment by Nick Fury when he was suspected of treason, wanders the streets one evening. He spies a crowd in front of a bookstore window and goes over to investigate. The window features a display of old time movie stars, plus a poster of Captain America. A young hip couple is mocking the WWII-era hero as an outdated square. Irritated, Steve decides to take a vacation. Purchasing a motorcycle (which briefly reminds him of his last fateful mission with Bucky), he heads out to see the country. In a small town, Steve is arrested by an overzealous police officer who mistakes him for a member of the marauding Satan’s Angels motorcycle gang. When the real gang members learn of the arrest, they decide to spring him from jail. While some of the gang start a violent ruckus on the other side of town to distract the police, others hook a chain to Steve’s cell window and rip the bars out with their cycles. In the escape, a gang member hits a cop in the head with a rock and Steve remains behind to apply first aid, intending to catch up with his outlaw rescuers later. Back at their hangout, Whitey, the leader of Satan’s Angels, suggest they crash that evening’s rock festival to cause trouble among the hippies. When he learns his brother Dickie is planning to attend, Whitey forbids it. That night, while the band is singing about peace and love, the gang rides their bikes into the midst of the crowd, terrorizing the peaceful attendees. Captain America rides to the rescue, launching himself at the bikers and laying into them with his fists. When they see how the hero is outnumbered but still fighting for them, the hippies take on the gang. An enraged Whitey rides down on Cap in his cycle; the Avenger hurls his shield, striking the gang leader. Whitey loses control of his bike and crashes into the crowd, critically injuring his brother. As they wait for a doctor to arrive, Cap informs Whitey that the memory will haunt him forever. Meanwhile, Cap’s actions have enabled the Red Skull to locate him…

Gene Colan
Dick Ayers


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Captain America
Captain America

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Red Skull
Red Skull

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