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Captain America #203: Review

Nov 1976
Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby

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Alamo II!

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3 stars

Captain America #203 Review by (July 22, 2010)
Comments: Conclusion of a three-part story. The Night People reappear in CAPTAIN AMERICA (Vol. 1) #410-411 and a few subsequent issues. Texas Jack later becomes a significant character in the alternate-history epics EARTH X and UNIVERSE X. MARVEL TEAM-UP #52 is a sequel to this story.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #203 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Captain America arrives in the alternate dimension accompanied by Texas Jack Muldoon. Caught by Brother Wonderful, Cap tries to convince him they have not come to arrest the inhabitants but are peacefully searching for their lost friends. Brother Wonderful takes them on a tour of the asylum grounds and they see the sky full of alien planetoids. Spying Leila among the inmates, Cap greets her but she doesn’t recognize him, nor does the Falcon who assaults Cap for bothering "Sister Sweet." Brother Inquisitor confronts Cap and Texas Jack with a choice: submit to brainwashing and become one of them…or die. When Cap hesitates, looking for a third option, the sinister madmen become menacing. The conflict is interrupted by the attack of another monster. As Falcon battles this interloper, Cap and Jack flee, only to be the targets of yet another monster, which Cap dispatches with his shield. The worst fear of the Night People is coming true: their planetoid is now under full assault by an army of fire-breathing fiends. As the invaders besiege the asylum building, Cap, Falcon and Jack try to hold them off but they are overwhelmed. In the lab, Brother Wonderful wheels out a new and improved model of the dimensional transporter, plotting to send all the monsters to Earth so that his people can live safely on their planetoid. Cap suggests he test the new device first, by sending Falcon and Leila, followed by Jack, back to New York. Cap then tricks Brother Wonderful into revealing he has a destruct mechanism to blow up the transporter should it fall into the wrong hands. Cap seizes the device and hurls Brother Wonderful and the Inquisitor through and orders the rest of the Night People to follow them. Once all the humans are safe, Cap sets the destruct mechanism and leaps through the portal last of all, and the asylum, the transporter and the entire planetoid explode, taking the monsters with them.

Jack Kirby
Frank Giacoia
Hugh Paley
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

Plus: Leila Taylor, Night People, Texas Jack Muldoon.

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