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Captain America #204: Review

Dec 1976
Jack Kirby, Jack Kirby

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The Unburied One!

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3 stars

Captain America #204 Review by (July 28, 2010)
Comments: Part one of a two-part story. Steve goes on a date with Sharon in costume.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #204 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Having returned from the alternate dimension (last issue), Captain America takes Falcon and Leila to SHIELD’s psychiatric section to see if the doctors can reverse the brainwashing inflicted upon them. Doctor Hartman tries to persuade Brother Wonderful and Brother Inquisitor to reveal the details of the shock treatment to aid in the rehabilitation but the two refuse. Hartman shows Cap another frightening inmate: a man who shows none of the signs of life yet is moving awkwardly as though he is not used to having a body, and saying "I…am…Agron." Hartman reveals that the patient has claimed to be a visitor from the far future. Later two orderlies try to feed Agron, who seems unfamiliar with the act of eating. The eerie patient attacks them savagely, overpowering both of them and escapes from his room….

Elsewhere, Cap is out for a drive with Sharon Carter; they stop for a picnic and some romance but things turn bitter when she again tries to persuade him to retire from the hero business and he is reluctant to consider it. She leaves in a huff….

Back at SHIELD HQ, the zombie-like Agron easily cuts a swath through the staff and turns out to be impervious to the gunfire of the guards. Suddenly, the creature collapses into a coma though he is unharmed. Dr. Hartman orders him put into restraints….

At home, Steve broods over the unfairness of the choice Sharon has presented him with; suddenly the phone rings but it is not Sharon, as Steve had hoped. It is Dr. Hartman, asking for Cap’s help with the violent patient. Steve, however declines, certain that SHIELD can deal with the matter themselves. In the mortuary, Agron begins to glow with inner energy, growing in size and power, and he rises from the table, snapping the restraints and crashes through the wall. As SHIELD personnel struggle to deal with the menace, Hartman rushes to the Falcon’s room. Playing along with the hero’s brainwashing, he beseeches "Brother Falcon" to save them from the rampaging monster. Falcon flies through the corridors and deals his foe a devastating blow. As the hero readies for a second attack, he looks into Agron’s eyes and screams in horror….

Jack Kirby
Frank Giacoia
Janice Cohen
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

Plus: Agron, Leila Taylor, Night People.

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