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Captain America #4: Review

Sep 2002
John Ney Rieber, John Cassaday

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(No title given: Warlords Part One)

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3 stars

Captain America #4 Review by (June 9, 2010)
Review: The subtheme of the story arc is revealed here: America’s leaders are bad guys. Secretary Dahl (and by extension Nick Fury) is the stand-in for a government with dirty secrets, out of touch with America’s people and especially her ideals. The heavy-handed July Fourth symbolism holds up Captain America as the embodiment of the nation’s ideal, and moreover stresses that his example can be followed by those who strive to do so: “He’s not a superhero…just a hero. People could do a lot of stuff he does, if they…cared as much. And tried as hard.”


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Captain America #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Fourth of July: with Captain America having revealed his face on live television, Secretary Dahl pronounces him compromised and useless to the American government. Nick Fury defends Cap as a survivor. A call alerts them that Cap is on his way down to see Fury and nothing will stop him. Cap easily bypasses the guards and enters the security room. He confronts Fury and Dahl about the CATtags found on the terrorists—identical to the one Fury tired to give Cap before the Centerville mission. Over Dahl’s protests, Fury writes the info Cap is looking for on a piece of paper and gives it to him. Cap’s destination is Dresden. As he passes a Fourth of July celebration in Riverside Park, he imagines life as a normal citizen and knows he sacrificed it all for his country. Missiles are fired at him and he jumps to safety and finds himself on a bridge, surrounded by enemy troops. Leaping over the side he grasps an American flag below—and is shot by a terrorist with a rocket launcher. Aflame, Cap plummets into the river….

John Cassaday
John Cassaday
Dave Stewart
John Cassaday (Cover Penciler)
John Cassaday (Cover Inker)
John Cassaday (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America

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