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Captain America and ... #636: Review

Sep 2012
Cullen Bunn, Francesco Francavilla

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(Captain America and Black Widow, Part One)

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4 stars

Captain America and ... #636 Review by (September 21, 2012)
Review: So the Kashmir Vennema has a point and that is she’s a team from various parallel worlds; this may actually be interesting despite the fact that Black Widow is the most overexposed Marvel character of late. The question is, what’s up with Natasha? Francesco Francavilla is in fine form, avoiding the cartoony quality his art sometimes has. And Bunn’s story is intriguing, though of course it tells us barely anything. By the by, the most interesting thing in the comics last week was that CAP AND BLACK WIDOW #636 and WINTER SOLDIER #10 were quite similar: Both centered on the Black Widow...who has gone rogue and is killing people...and Captain America is on her trail (alone in CABW, aiding Bucky in WS)...with an assist from Hawkeye. I've seen film remakes with less in common. And it won't be until the next issues (at least!) when we find out if the two tales are connected in any way. I doubt that they are. If they are no, it’s poor planning on Marvel's behalf. And it's not like Ed Brubaker and Cullen Bunn don't know each other; they are collaborating on the final story arc for Cap's main title.

Comments: Continues the numbering of CAPTAIN AMERICA AND IRON MAN.


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Captain America and ... #636 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In New York’s Central Park, the Black Widow meets with a man who gives her a secret file on Kashmir Vennema, enemy of Captain America. In an unidentified location, Kashmir Vennema meets with Doctor Doom; she was unable to obtain the Cosmic Cube for him but has a consolation prize: a cube containing a miniature planet of psychics whose collective power is focused into a weapon. Suddenly a sniper opens fire, taking out Doom (who proves to be an impostor) and his henchmen. The sniper then fires through the cube, destroying the world inside and wounding Kash Vennema. The killer then steps out, revealing herself to be the Black Widow, and delivers the coup de grace. She ticks a name off her list and moves on….

At the Raft, Captain America and Hawkeye are questioning Kashmir Vennema, who was captured at the end of issue #635. She looks the same but her manner and personality are slightly different, which causes Hawkeye to suspect a Kash Vennema from an alternate reality. She cuts a deal with Cap to enter the Witness Protection Program but first she will reveal the info Cap needs….

Cap heads out to Miami where another crooked transaction is being made: monitored by Tony Stark, he is unaware that he is being shadowed by Black Widow. Kashmir Vennema is meeting with agents of the Secret Empire and teleports in stasis tubes containing people that she is selling. Cap intervenes, defeating the Empire agents but Vennema get the drop on him. She is suddenly gunned down by Black Widow, along with the Secret Empire hoods. The Widow then sights Cap in her crosshairs….

Francesco Francavilla
Francesco Francavilla
Francesco Francavilla
Francesco Francavilla (Cover Penciler)
Francesco Francavilla (Cover Inker)
Francesco Francavilla (Cover Colorist)


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Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Captain America
Captain America

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(Clint Barton)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

Plus: Kash Vennema (Kashmir Vennema).

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