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Captain America and ... #629: Review

Apr 2012
Cullen Bunn, Alessandro Vitti

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(Captain America and Hawkeye, Part One)

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3 stars

Captain America and ... #629 Review by (May 2, 2012)
Review: First issue of Cap’s new team-up title makes a good call in choosing Hawkeye for the initial guest but it goes downhill from there. The characterization is wildly off; Cap and Clint seem to heartily dislike each other, their banter has an underlying hostility that we haven’t seen since the 1960s Avengers issues. This throws the dynamic of the story off; Cullen Bunn likely wanted some edgy character interplay but he achieved it by putting retro characters in a modern setting and it feels all wrong. Alessandro Vitti’s art is appropriately dark but it works best in the underground scenes; the subdued color scheme makes Cap’s costume the only red (and not a bright red) in the issue. Unfortunately the faces are poorly drawn, changing shape and definition panel-to panel, hitting bottom with that grotesque visage for Cap in the last panel of page 7 (where he asks about Spider-Woman): he looks like Adam West making Harpo Marx’s “gookie.” New character Kash Vennema will carry through this arc and the next (Iron Man) so clearly Bunn has plans for her; we just get the outline here: shady authority figure, flirts with Cap, etc. Visually she doesn’t stand out yet: standard dark-haired Indian look but again the subdued colors mean she appears in several shades of brown. Not the most auspicious entrance. The “Cap and Hawkeye vs. dinosaurs” plot is intriguing, and Bunn has already promised that there’s more to it than “Cap and Hawkeye vs. dinosaurs.” Fortunately it’s only another week for the next issue.

Comments: With this issue the title becomes a Captain America team-up book, the title changing each story arc to reflect the guest star. First appearance of Kashmir “Kash” Vennema.


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Captain America and ... #629 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The story opens in a remote area of the New Mexico desert with Captain America and Hawkeye in battle with troops from the Archstone private security firm. The fracas is halted by Kashmir "Kash" Vennema, official at the Damocles Research Facility, on whose grounds the heroes are trespassing. Cap explains that they are looking for a group of environmentalists who vanished from the area. Kash explains that her team was also searching for the missing scientists when the chance encounter turned violent. Kash takes the two heroes to the Damocles building where she explains how they are researching energy and space flight issues. They also have a large collection of dinosaur bones discovered in the area….

At the lab, they find Dr. Henry Reese examining the corpse of a giant spider-like creature. He and Kash explain how the dead "bug" was once one of the security guards, Scott Samson, who was carried off in a mysterious raid, then returned in his morphed form as an attacker. Kash shows the heroes to the entrance to the storage room where the invaders are entering. Despite their suspicions of the glib and charming Kash, Cap and Hawkeye descend into the cavern where they almost immediately encounter a large reptilian creature with writhing tendrils. They give battle and Cap manages to hold the beast long enough for Hawkeye to dispatch it with explosive arrows. The problem? The sound of the blast brings more of the monsters….

Alessandro Vitti
Alessandro Vitti
Javier Tartaglia
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Penciler)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Inker)
Gabriele Dell'Otto (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Clint Barton)

Plus: Kash Vennema (Kashmir Vennema).

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