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Captain America: Sam Wilson #1: Review

Oct 2015
Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna

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4 stars

Captain America: Sam Wilson #1 Review by (October 17, 2015)
Review Part One: Less than a year after the previous ALL-NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA with Sam Wilson as Cap comes this new series with Sam Wilson as Cap—and the mostly-new thing actually is mostly different. In the post-Secret Wars world, new things are afoot. Cap no longer works for the US government (as there are no repercussions to Cap simply going off on his own with the costume and shield). The question of Misty Knight’s true allegiance is being ignored (for now?). D-Man/Dennis Dunphy is back (he had been a brainwashed killer gunned down by Sharon Carter in CAPTAIN AMERICA (2011) #11-14, toward the end of Ed Brubaker’s final run). Cap’s hotline (introduced by Mark Gruenwald during his mid-‘80s run in issue #312) is back but playing a more realistic role. The Hydra infiltration of SHIELD, played up heavily in the last series as well as the MCU, is over and done with (well, that was easy). And now Cap is facing a band of villains, the Sons of the Serpent, who were mainly a ‘60s and ‘70s thing for the Avengers with the heavy-handed social commentary (they couldn’t use the more recent equivalent, the Watchdogs, who were specifically Cap enemies?).

Review Part Two: Daniel Acuna’s art is very nice, suiting the subject quite well, preventing the political bits from becoming to grim. Neck Spencer’s writing also piques my interest as he looks to be taking Captain America in a new direction with a lot of dry humor; I’m just not sure how this will work. It’s cool that he wants the book to have more to it than just “guys in Spandex whompin’ on each other” (to quote my pal Scott Benson) but did he have to pick such a contentious issue as immigration? And make the bad guys into one-dimensional cartoon racists? That’s hardly the ideal way to address a complex issue, especially as Cap wants to bring people together. And getting superheroes to address contemporary issues never works out anyway as it usually ends with Superman admitting that he can’t do anything. We’ll let Spencer do his thing for a while and see where this new direction is going—just don’t be disappointed if Cap doesn’t solve the immigration issue in six issues. And maybe that’s his point. We’ll see.


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Captain America: Sam Wilson #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Sam Wilson, the former Falcon and current Captain America, is on a commercial flight from Phoenix to New York. To his dismay he is recognized and has to deal with annoying seatmates and the adulation or contempt of staff ands fellow passengers. During the flight his mind drifts back to recent events…

With the aid of his team, Misty Knight and Dennis “D-Man” Dunphy, Cap takes down a Helicarrier hijacked by Hydra, even beating up Crossbones. Returning to SHIELD he is told by the hostile Maria Hill that Hydra has been defeated and his services are no longer need. Looking at the current social scene: polarized politics and increasing unrest; Sam decides that, unlike his predecessor, he must take a political stand to help his nation. He holds a press conference to announce that he is a free agent and reactivating his Hotline to solicit calls for help directly from the populace. As he failed to predict, most of the calls are frivolous or nonsense. It’s when a call comes in from an elderly woman who fears that her grandson who supplied people crossing the border from Mexico with water and food. Joaquin is now missing and she is afraid that he has become a victim of the racist hate group the Sons of the Serpent. Cap’s involvement in the immigration debate draws more fire from half the country. With his finances low, Sam goes to New York to meet his brother Gideon, a clergyman, who promises to raise money for him from the neighborhood….

In the Arizona desert, a band of illegal immigrants reaches the water supply left by the Samaritans. The Sons of the Serpent arrive in force to deal out their brand of justice but Captain America flies in to the rescue. He takes down a number of them but is suddenly interrupted by a SHIELD force, led by former Cap Steve Rogers, who orders him to stand down….

Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna (Cover Penciler)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Inker)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America

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Plus: D-Man (Demolition Man), Sons of the Serpent, Steve Rogers (Old self).

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