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Captain America: Sam Wilson #14: Review

Oct 2016
Nick Spencer, Paul Renaud

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4 stars

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14 Review by (October 23, 2016)
Comments: “#1 '#Take Back the Shield' starts now!”--Cover. Flag Smasher was introduced in CAPTAIN AMERICA #312 and has bedeviled cap off and on over the years; at the end of the issue it is revealed that he was an LMD created for Cap's purposes.

Review: Flag-Smasher was a fairly interesting baddie back in the day, the perfect foil for Cap in politically charged stories. Well, this is the most politically charged story in years and so here comes the Smasher, ready to force his too-idealistic solution (and end to national boundaries) onto the various problems created by the competition of nations. An interesting sidelight shows how Rick Jones is sympathetic to many of the villain's goals and objectives, if not his underlying philosophy. The real significance of the issue is showing how, even without the scheming of Hydra Steve Cap, Sam is starting to crack under the incessant hostility of the public. Much can be said how the internet has made it possible for millions of people to ruin the lives of anyone who stands out from the rest, even if only for a brief time (google Justine Sacco or Zoe Quinn for example). Moreso for anyone claiming to be a hero, and Sam is getting the worst of it; I can't recall any hero being raked over the coals like this without doing (or at least appearing to do) something to deserve it. And Sam is actually getting heat for real-life controversies. Kudos to Nick Spencer who was able to tie into the current national mood and issues and employ them to squish his hero like a bug.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Senator Tom Herald is addressing an audience in a Manhattan ballroom when agents of ULTIMATUM crash in and take everyone hostage. The group's leader, Flag-Smasher, calls on both Captains America to help him deal with enemies of peace and liberty. Sam Cap and Steve Cap arrive and head up in the elevator while Sharon Carter secures the area with SHIELD agents and has Rick Jones monitor the building via computer.

When the Caps arrive in the ballroom, Flag-Smasher lectures them on the growing influence of fascism and nationalism as a threat to the world and asks them to join him in his crusade. He reveals that seven bombs have been planted to destroy restrictions on the flow of information. The first one will erase the TSA's No-Fly List and to show he's serious a bomb detonates in the room and kills a hostage. The two Caps start fighting the ULTIMATUM soldiers as Flag-Smasher announces that the next data bomb will decrypt America's nuclear launch codes (accompanied by the death of another hostage); Rick Jones jumps to the task and is able to defeat it just in time. Flag-Smasher then aims his gun at Senator Herald; Sam Cap hurls the shield—and misses. The villain calmly fires three bullets into the Senator's chest, killing him. Flag-Smasher and his minions depart via jet pack, leaving Sam to brood on his failure....

Steve Cap, agent of Hydra, returns to his base where he explains to Erik Solveig how he maneuvered Sam Cap so that his shield throw would miss. The plan is to have Sam be crushed under the weight of the controversy and corruption around him and “the country will break with him.”    

Paul Renaud
Paul Renaud
John Rauch
Marcos Martin (Cover Penciler)
Marcos Martin (Cover Inker)
Marcos Martin (Cover Colorist)

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