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Captain America: White #1: Review

Sep 2015
Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

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You Can’t Take It with You

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4 stars

Captain America: White #1 Review by (September 20, 2015)
Comments: The extra large issue (with a higher price tag) reprints the contents of issue #0 which appeared in 2008 before the project was postponed for many years. Howlers mentioned by name are Izzy Cohen, Dino Manelli, Gabe Jones, Pinky Pinkerton, and Reb Ralston along with Dum Dum Dugan. Captain “Happy Sam” Sawyer is mentioned but not seen.

Review: First up is that unfortunate title: perhaps when the current Captain America is a controversial African-American man is not the best time to publish something called CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE. Just sayin’ And I’m not sure what the color in the title refers to. Now Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale are a terrific team, with their offbeat Batman epics and some previous Marvel projects. This isn’t one of the good ones, however. That would likely be SPIDER-MAN: BLUE, followed by DAREDEVIL: YELLOW and the disappointing HULK: GRAY. The Spidey one especially served to encapsulate a specific era in the hero’s history and make it seems fresh and new. So what happened here? A typical WW2 mission with the obligatory Howling Commandos reveals nothing more complex than that Cap misses Bucky and wishes he could have saved him. This, you may recognize, is the theme of every post-War tale before the advent of the Winter Soldier that has Cap thinking about his dead partner. What else do we learn? Cap takes his role as symbol of America seriously. O—kay, we’ve known that since 1941. What else? Cap is a typical ‘Ugly American” barging in where he doesn’t belong totally oblivious to other countries’ sensibilities…. Wait, this is new. And insulting. Cap has surely imbibed some diplomatic skills along the way. Is Jeph Loeb confusing Cap with the Ultimate one? Or maybe John Walker. None of this seems to be Tim Sale’s (or colorist Dave Stewart’s) fault; their offbeat artwork shows us Cap in a different light and is acceptable if not terribly spectacular. I wonder…was this project completed after so many years because of a contractual obligation? That would explain everything.


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Captain America: White #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The Avengers have discovered the frozen body of Captain America in the ocean. He awakens in a panic, his last memory being the death of his partner Bucky Barnes. The situation is explained to him…. Later Nick Fury presents Steve with a Congressional Medal of Honor, posthumously awarded to Bucky. Steve can’t help blaming himself for Bucky’s death…. He recalls a battle during the War when they came to the rescue of the Howling Commandos, though Fury and the men didn’t think much of these circus performers in flashy costumes, leaving them behind in the desert.

Later, Steve forbade Bucky to go to the club in town. Later at the club, Dum Dum Dugan picked a fight with Steve and the house turned into a free-for-all with Bucky, there against Steve’s orders, joining in too. A later incident had Cap and Bucky accompanying a team of troops when the plane was shot down and Cap leaped into a panic seeing Bucky in danger…..

Tim Sale
Tim Sale
Dave Stewart
Tim Sale (Cover Penciler)
Tim Sale (Cover Inker)
Dave Stewart (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America

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