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Champions #24: Review

Sep 2018
Jim Zubkavich, Sean Izaakse

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Trigger warning

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4 stars

Champions #24 Review by (September 28, 2018)
Erick Arciniega helps out with the colouring in.

I note that although various characters talk about wanting to stop school shootings no-one suggests any solutions, including increased security or Gun Control or arming teachers.

Goldballs was 1 of the people who became mutants after the end of Avengers Vs X-Men reversed the effects of House Of M. He was recruited by Cyclops into his revolutionary group in Uncanny X-Men (2013), and stayed with them until the end of the series in the renumbered #600. After that he joined the Spider-Man (Miles Morales) cast in #3 of the 2016 series.

Where does this issue fit in the rest of the series? Last issue ended with Wasp and the de-powered Nova disappearing into another reality, and that story was slated to continue in #26 where it seems the team go to Weirdworld to rescue their friends. Meanwhile Miles Morales has been in hospital since Legacy Spider-Man #240, as mentioned in #22. But the next issue's cover suggests he'll be with the team in Weirdworld.

Note that the character list at the start of this issue doesn't include Nova and Wasp. Does this mean that this issue occurs while they're missing? But that means the others spent all this time not rescuing their teammates, and not even mentioning them this issue! Or does it mean that this happens after the return from Weirdworld, and Nova and Wasp have left the  team? Sam Alexander could quit because he has no powers anymore (since his Nova helmet was taken away in Infinity Countdown: Champions #2). And Wasp could leave to her upcoming new series. (But I hope that doesn't also mean we'll lose Ironheart when she gets *her* series.)

Next issue may give us a clue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Champions #24 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In Brooklyn the Champions (Brawn, Ironheart, Snowguard, Spider-Man and Viv Vision) help build a community centre they raised funds for. (Ms. Marvel is in school but Amka Aliyak and Viv's semester hasn't started yet, and Miles Morales is ducking out of choosing elective sports and clubs.) But then Spidey gets an emergency alert and dashes off. Viv tells the others her Internet connection tells her there's trouble at his school Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Spider-Man gets there to discover that there has been a gunman who killed many before committing suicide. The other Champs arrive just behind him but he brushes off their support and rushes to Mount Sinai Hospital where as Miles he finds his friends Ganke Lee (who knows his secret ID) and Barbara Rodriguez (his girlfriend). Another friend Fabio Medina (ex-X-Men student Goldballs) is in surgery. They pray with Fabio's aunt.

12 days later the students return to the Academy. Meanwhile at Kamala Khan's Coles Academic High School they have an active shooter drill (we see various members of the Ms Marvel cast). Miles attends grief counselling where he expresses guilt but of course can't say that as a superhero he could have stopped the gunman (who was a student at the school).

Later as Miles does the whole questioning the point of being Spider-Man bit, Kamala as Ms Marvel finds him (using sightings on the website of his obsessive fan Danika Hart).  Apparently he's been avoiding team meetings. She commiserates with him. The whole team want to stop such massacres from happening again, and they each have their own way of coping with the fact that they can't. Her only message for him is the choice of hope over despair.

Next morning he meets the others in a park in civvies. (Amadeus Cho has to hide his features because as Brawn he's now permanently tall and green.) They meet Fabio in a wheelchair with his family. They all attend a rally under the sign "We will prevail".

Sean Izaakse
Sean Izaakse
Marcio Menyz
Sean Izaakse (Cover Penciler)
Sean Izaakse (Cover Inker)
Marcio Menyz (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.
Editor: Tom Brevoort. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

(Carol Danvers)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Barbara Rodriguez, Brawn (Amadeus Cho), Champions, Ganke Lee, Goldballs (Egg), Ironheart (Riri Williams), Snowguard (Amka Aliyak).

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