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Champions #16: Review

Jan 2018
Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos

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Champion for a day: part 1

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4 stars

Champions #16 Review by (January 27, 2018)
The cover title "Champion for a day Part 1" is presumably a call-back to Dollar Bill's "Defender for a day" tagline for the membership drive he organised in Def#62-64.

The slightly-cheating cover has Spider-Gwen in the mix when she's only a memory of Miles Morales.

The Great/Flying Gambonnos (Ernesto and Luigi) are acrobats/trapeze artists who were part of the Circus of Crime from its 1st app in the original Hulk #3. They were last seen with the rest of the Circus and loads of other villains being recruited by Baron Zemo as part of the lead-up to Secret Empire. But I don't think they were ever used in subsequent issues.

I don't know which of the invitees will attend the next 2 issues - only Red Locust is shown on next issue's cover. Ironheart apparently doesn't join until #19, along with Wasp who wasn't even asked.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Champions #16 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
In the Worlds Collide crossover with Avengers the High Evolutionary upgraded Viv Vision from synthezoid to human, and then she faded away when she saved Earth and Counter-Earth. Last issue she made her way back from where she went (supposedly by being further converted into data, but back on Earth she seems to be flesh and blood again). But in the meantime her 'father' Vision built a new synthezoid version of her - Viv 2.0.

Now both copies exist, and they're sharing a bedroom. Vision tells them both to go to sleep, but human Viv is too lost in her thoughts. And strangely she hears the synthezoid Vision sneeze.

2 days later the rest of the Champions hold a meeting about whether to make Viv 2.0 a member. Spider-Man (Miles Morales) is the only 1 who votes yes, so presumably it was his idea - they need the muscle (what, with a Hulk on the team?). Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) is against because it would hurt original Viv's feelings. Teen Cyclops and Nova (Sam Alexander) abstain. So Hulk (Amadeus Cho) decides it by voting against, although Sam offers the opinion that Amadeus has a crush on Viv.

Kamala offers an alternative - they could induct some other new blood. Miles suggests his girlfriend, but when he claims she's a Spider-Woman from an alternate universe (Spider-Gwen - see the Sitting In A Tree crossover Spider-Man (2016) #12-14 and Spider-Gwen (2015) #16-18) the others think he's making her up. Kamala mentions Moon Girl who she met in MG & Devil Dinosaur #9-11&18, and Hulk met in MG&DD#3-4&12-14. Cyclops brings up the new Falcon and Patriot who helped them in #11 during Secret Empire, and Kamala says Ironheart was there too. They decide to have a membership drive.

Back at Vision's house Wasp (Nadia Pym) is concerned about the Viv's. She confirms that Viv 2.0 has Viv's brain engrams but not her memories. Vision answers a question left hanging last issue - Viv's brain pattern was a combination of his and his 'wife' Virginia's. (And Vision (2016) #7 revealed that Virginia's were based on those of Scarlet Witch.) Vizh says he found a backup copy in dead Virginia's possessions (of Virginia's mind or Viv's?).

Nadia says now-human Viv is having identity issues, and Viv 2.0 will make that worse. Vision must continue to show as much love to Viv as before, and of course an equal amount to Viv 2.0. Vizh wonders if he has that much love - he only planned for 1 daughter (but he *did* have a wife and son too!). Viv 2.0 has overheard at least that last bit.

Cyclops and Nova go to New York where they find Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur stopping the acrobatic Gambonno brothers from escaping with the proceeds of a jewel robbery. Luigi tries to charm DD by reminding him how he (and his then pal Moon Boy) were part of the Circus of Crime (Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1998). It doesn't work. The 2 Champions help subdue the baddies. But Nova annoys supersmart Moon Girl by saying she was stupid to waste her time fighting losers like the Gambonnos. And when MG is unhappy her dinosaur is too. I don't think *they*'ll be joining the team.

Viv bemoans the loss of her synthezoid abilities, especially her permanent connection to the Internet. When Vision comforts her she thinks even his touch and voice seem different. Viv 2.0 spies on this too. Vizh sneezes again, and promises to run a self-diagnosis. As Viv 2.0 sneaks away, she too sneezes.

On the US-Mexico border a load of illegal immigrants have been left to die in a van. Patriot (Shaun Lucas) and Falcon (Joaquin Torres, looking for a new alias now Sam Wilson has taken his old superid back) break them free. But Red Locust attacks the duo thinking *they* are the Coyotes doing the people smuggling. When she's been calmed down they are shot at by the real villains. But Ms Marvel and Spider-Man arrive to turn the tide.

Kamala offers Red Locust a spot on the team. (Viv met her in #9.) Red accepts enthusiastically. Miles asks the other 2 to join as well with more measured agreement. As they all leave Locust babbles about all the things she can do for the team.

Hulk visits Ironheart (Riri Williams) at Stark Labs. The page has the 2 scientific geniuses conversing in equations.

Next day Vision takes the 2 Viv's for a walk in a park. He has told Viv 2.0 not to use her superior synthezoid abilities. But Viv demonstrates her inferiority anyway by tripping over and grazing her knee. Viv 2.0 notes how this pains Vision as well as Viv, and recalls him saying he only wanted 1 daughter. After some digital glitches her thoughts end on a possibly ominous note - she'll "find a way to please him".

Humberto Ramos
Victor Olazaba
Edgar Delgado
Humberto Ramos (Cover Penciler)
Humberto Ramos (Cover Inker)
Edgar Delgado (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


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(Amadeus Cho)
Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

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Plus: Champions, Gambonnos, Ironheart (Riri Williams), Locust (Fernanda Rodriguez), Moon Girl, Patriot (Shaun Lucas).

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