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Deadpool #1: Review

Nov 2012
Brian Posehn, Tony Moore

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In Wade We Trust

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2 stars

Deadpool #1 Review by (January 15, 2013)
Review: Wow! Duggan and Posehn have done something I never thought possible! They’ve written a boring Deadpool comic! Dull story—zombies? Done to death years ago. Mocking the Presidents? Hip and edgy…for 1975. Marvel mocking their own heroes? NOT BRAND ECCH, phone home! Without the first-person crazy voice narration, which is usually the funniest part of a DP comic, what we’re left with is a bunch of lame sitcom one-liners and a hamfisted page of exposition explaining who Deadpool is. Sigh. Hope this series gets better.

Comments: Besides those named in the synopsis, dead Presidents appearing in the story include Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy, Taft, Jackson, Eisenhower, Grant, Van Buren, John Quincy Adams, Nixon, and the still-living Jimmy Carter. Issue includes a one-page intro by Deadpool joking about the reboot and mocking the new writers.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Deadpool #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
A mad necromancer tries to solve America’s problems by raising the former Presidents from the dead; Captain America arrives to stop him and ends up battling zombie Harry S Truman—and decapitating the revenant Chief Executive, which causes a media uproar. On the SHIELD Helicarrier, Agent Emily Proctor is assigned to clean up the Presidential mess without attracting any attention. In Manhattan, a giant reptile is tearing up the city—until it is finally sliced open from the inside by the recently swallowed Deadpool, making his usual absurd entrance. He is followed by Thor, who gladly heads back to Asgard. Zombie Franklin Delano Roosevelt arrives to go on a similar rampage and Deadpool takes on the superpowered ex-President. The insane battle carries down into the subway, where DP finally electrocutes FDR on the third rail. As the damaged Merc with a Mouth tries to pull himself together, Agent Proctor arrives and recruits him as SHIELD’s secret weapon against the zombie horde—since he is expendable. A report comes in that the Presidential zombies are gathering at Independence Hall in Philadelphia; Deadpool bursts in on the scene, only to be immediately shot in the back of the head by Abraham Lincoln. George Washington brings the issue to a vote—and the monsters choose unanimously to destroy the country and start anew….

Tony Moore
Tony Moore
Val Staples
Geof Darrow (Cover Penciler)
Geof Darrow (Cover Inker)
Peter Doherty (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)


Plus: Agent Preston.

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