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Domination Factor: Avengers #2: Review

Dec 1999
Jerry Ordway, Jerry Ordway

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Strange Tales

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4 stars

Domination Factor: Avengers #2 Review by (November 26, 2018)


Comments: Issue 2:4 of overall series. Dan Jurgens, writer of the companion series is credited as “Co-conspirator.” Tony Stark's period as a drunken derelict was in IRON MAN #170-182 and though Nick Fury was in issues #174-175 he did not encounter Tony. Wanda is sent back to the events of AVENGERS #49 (Feb 1968). Captain America is occupying a previously unrecorded WW2-era adventure. Thor's visit is to JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #109 (second story).


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Domination Factor: Avengers #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro


A drunken Tony Stark awakens in a SHIELD mind scanner with Nick Fury preparing to wipe his memories of SHIELD secrets. Tony risks mentioning the Golden Apple slice; Fury recognizes it, having seen it years ago (in STRANGE TALES #145) but he starts the machine anyway, though leaving a bit pensively. He recalls an incident from the War, when he and Reb Ralston were forced to labor in an enemy scheme to tunnel under the English Channel; Captain America and Bucky arrived and freed the prisoners. This point is when Cap's astral form from the present occupies his past self in search of the Golden Apple slice. Cap and Bucky head for the detonator planted by the Nazis to destroy the tunnel should it be discovered by the allies....

An amnesiac Scarlet Witch cannot recall her mission from the future or the whereabouts of her brother Quicksilver so she asks Magneto and learns that he has been injured in a fight with the X-Men. She rushes to his aid leaving Magneto to glory in his scheming....

At Praxis headquarters, Lester is also gloating over his schemes, making Nora Queen suspicious but he manages to calm her worries....

Many centuries ago in Asgard, Thor is banished by Odin as the realm is at war with the Mountain Giants. The traitor Arkin the Weak rides off to inform his beloved Queen Knorda of the giants. At this moment, Thor's astral form from the future enters the contemporary Thor and he is ambushed by a band of giants; Thor rides into a narrow canyon and out through a smaller exit, trapping the giants within. It is then revealed that this was a plot by Thor and Odin to defeat their enemies and it worked. Thor rides off in search of the Golden Apple slice and in the forest he is entangled by a living tree, thanks to the wicked Loki....

Trapped in the SHIELD mind-wiping device, Tony finds himself in trouble. Spying a ball-point pen left by Nick Fury, he manages to unscrew the cap and use the spring to pick the locks on his restraints and escape. On the way out, he encounters an agent who reveals that this was a test on Fury's part and his success has earned him the Golden Apple slice held by SHIELD....

On Magneto's island fortress, the mind-controlled X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel) are battling the Avengers (Hawkeye, Black Panther, Wasp, Goliath) when Angel destroys the evil device, freeing the two teams of heroes to unite against Magneto. Rebelling against his nasty master, Toad sets the island to explode; he leads Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to a getaway plane, kicking Magneto overboard when he tries to board as well. Among Toad's treasures, Wanda finds the Golden Apple slice and is drawn back toward her present....

Captain America and Bucky race through the mine tunnels, fighting Germans, and freeing prisoners along the way. Cap, brooding over Bucky's coming death, races toward the detonator to destroy the Nazi operation and finds the (original) Human Torch, blocking the detonator....


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Jerry Ordway
Dennis Janke
Tom Smith
Jerry Ordway (Cover Penciler)
Dennis Janke (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Angel, Arkin the Weak, Goliath (Hank Pym), Queen Knorda, Reb Ralston.