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Falcon and Winter Soldier #1: Review

Feb 2020
Derek Landy, Federico Vicentini

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4 stars

Falcon and Winter Soldier #1 Review by (September 7, 2020)

Review: The two former Captains America team up in anticipation of their postponed TV series as they join forces against Hydra and run into severe trouble. Nicely done tale balances comedy and carnage as the two guys spar verbally while investigating a mass homicide and even the climax where they are beaten by a kid carries a lot of dark humor. I hope we’ll see more of The Natural because the snotty little punk needs his comeuppance.  

Comments: First appearances of The Natural and Veronica Eden. Despite having a role in the synopsis, Misty Knight doesn’t appear in the story. Baron Zemo was (apparently) killed in PUNISHER (2018 series) #16.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Falcon and Winter Soldier #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, is sitting in his Indiana home when a team of armed men burst in shooting. Bucky fights them off, grabs the cat, and flees on his motorcycle….

Meanwhile, Sam “Falcon” Wilson is looking for Sally McKenzie from his veterans’ support group who went missing. His only clue is that Sally had been visited by agents of the Office of Federal Utilities (OFU). Sam learns they are a secret government organization that tracks down terrorist training camps in the USA and sends a specialist to eliminate them. Sam visits OFU headquarters to find everyone dead, murdered, and Winter Soldier is on the scene. It turns out that Bucky is the OFU specialist, part of his conditional pardon from the Secret Empire days. Bucky’s handler, Veronica Eden, is not among the dead; they go to her house, pausing briefly to give Bucky’s cat to Misty Knight, who doesn’t appreciate it….

Veronica missed work due to a hangover and didn’t know about the killings at the office. They use her laptop to research the situation and find there is a power struggle within Hydra because of the death of Baron Zemo. It’s Zemo’s protégé versus a new rival and they learn that the former is leaving New York by train that day and they plan to intercept him. Then a young dude walks in, introduces himself as The Natural, admits to killing the OFU staff, then beats the stuffings out of both Sam and Bucky, all the while telling them that he has always been one of their biggest fans. He tells them that he is disobeying Hydra orders by letting them live but notes that the next time they see him, he will kill them….

Federico Vicentini
Federico Vicentini
Matt Milla
Dan Mora (Cover Penciler)
Dan Mora (Cover Inker)
David Curiel (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier

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Plus: Natural, The (The Natural).

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