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Hulk #26: Review

Oct 2010
Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman

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[Scorched Earth Part 2]

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4 stars

Hulk #26 Review by (July 13, 2020)

Review: So, two issues of Red Hulk’s solo series, two Avengers beating up Red Hulk. Hope this doesn’t get monotonous, though if we’re going to pick a character to be beaten up every issue, Thunderbolt Ross is a good choice. Still, a series with an unlikable protagonist had better have something cool up its sleeve if they want readers to keep coming back. Wait…could it be that the Mini-Hulks are the main drawing card?!?

Comments: The first story has no title or credits listed.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #26 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

At the campus of Omnisapient Systems, Red Hulk faces the technomorphs who have apparently eaten Tony Stark out of his Iron Man armor. But the armor is still active remotely, Tony having made his escape to avoid being contaminated by the virus, and Tony and Red discover that the infection can be reversed. While Tony fights the technomorphs, Red Hulk heads into the complex to find the control source. Tony directs Red to the building’s core where Dr. Parul Kurinji tries to stop him but he smashes the central machine, ending the threat. Red and Tony part under strained circumstances….

Bruce Banner is directing the “Scorched Earth” project from Gamma Base. Steve Rogers and Thor arrive, the God of Thunder ready to assist in the project when he spots the Red Hulk coming. Thor attacks Red, having apparently not heard Steve’s explanation that Red Hulk was now on the side of the good guys. The clouts him with Mjolnir, zaps him with lightning—and suddenly, Galactus appears, ordering them to cease fighting. It’s a hologram to get their attention so Bruce can explain matters. Leader and M.O.D.O.K. fired a missile that opened a black hole which has diverted a pair of comets in the direction of Earth and two super strong heroes are needed to stop them. Red is supplied with a means for breathing in space (while Thor confesses to Bruce that he did hear Steve’s message that Red was on their side). Thor opens a portal and tows Red Hulk through into space where each hero smashes a comet—but Red is hurled to an asteroid where he meets Uatu the Watcher, telling him that he (Red) is about to be pulled into the black hole….

“You Know You Want to Hit That”

Writer: Jeff Parker. Pencils: Mark Robinson. Inks: Terry Pallot. Colors: Antonio Fabela. Letters: Ed Dukeshire.

Synopsis: As his part of the Scorched Earth project, A-Bomb (Rick Jones) is battling a giant sea monster off the coast of San Diego. The monster swats him into the bedroom of a couple of amorous vacationers but he soon jumps back into the fray. AB strikes the monster strategically over every portion of its body until it in unconscious. The ghostly figures decide not to kill A-Bomb but to make him work for them. Bruce Banner contacts A-Bomb to find out what he is going to do next. A-Bomb then figures it out on his own: salvage a boat and follow the monster back where it came from….

“Hulk Schoolbus”

Writer: Audrey Loeb. Art: Dario Brizuela. Colors: Dario Brizuela. Letters: ?

Synopsis: The Mini-Hulks are on their way to school and they make up a game: trying to toss paper balls into the driver’s cowboy hat. The other kids join in until the bus driver dumps the Mini-Hulks at the curb and drives on…

Gabriel Hardman
Gabriel Hardman
Bettie Breitweiser
Ed McGuinness (Cover Penciler)
? (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: ?.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)
Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)
Red Hulk
Red Hulk

(Thunderbolt Ross)



Plus: Mini-Hulks, Zero/One (Parul Kurinji).

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