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Hulk #4: Review

Feb 2022
Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley

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Smashtronaut…Part Four

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4 stars

Hulk #4 Review by (February 16, 2022)

Review: More sci-fi, more apocalyptic action. This time, it’s Bruce Banner in control and deciding he can smash an entire army showing that Bruce himself isn’t entirely innocent of Hulk’s ravages. And the arrival of a very different sort of Spider-Man promises much action next issue.

Comments: The Marvel Zombies are called Marvel Zombies even within Earth-616 as Bruce called them that when setting up the starship’s engine room. And the cover, showing Hulk attacked by the horde of alternate Hulks, doesn’t match the contents of the comic.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In the alternate reality, Starship Hulk/Bruce Banner learns what happened to people he knew: the Gamma Revolution started by Banner drove Tony Stark out of business and he died an alcoholic derelict. The X-Men were deemed a threat so the Xavier School was nuked and other mutants hunted to extinction. Hulk is disgusted with this and  turns off the viewer. But the Gamma spike that accompanied Hulk to this area was detected and he looks out of the cave to see a massive military force including giant exo-suits, led by President Thunderbolt Ross. Assuring Alternate Banner that he has it in hand, Hulk takes on the army and is surprised by the force he encounters. Pilot Bruce kicks the power level up to Stage Four: Marvel Zombies so Hulk’s psyche hurls itself at the monsters, powering Hulk to battle the army. Ross contacts Alt.Banner telling him to call of his monster; Banner replies that he isn’t controlling Hulk. So Ross moves to Plan B, a hooded and chained kid. Alt.Banner calls Bruce telling him to stop; Bruce is confused so Ross kicks the kid overboard. Banner explains that he was a lab assistant named Peter Parker who was bitten by an irradiated spider. Then Hulk finds himself facing a gigantic spider-monster….

Ryan Ottley
Cliff Rathburn
Frank Martin
Ryan Ottley (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Ottley (Cover Inker)
Romulo Fajardo (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)

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