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Hulk #9: Review

Aug 2022
Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley

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Hulk Planet…Part One

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4.5 stars

Hulk #9 Review by (October 5, 2022)
Review: A new arc begins with a new variation on “Bruce Banner is psychoanalyzed,” that actually contains something new: a happy childhood memory. The Starship Hulk parts are offbeat as well, with Bruce having many people to talk to for a change (instead of shady Betty Banner ghost) and the final surprise: a woman with a Jack Kirby vibe and what seems to be a happy prospect for Hulk. Very nice, enjoyable issue as we wait for the inevitable dark revelation.

Comments: First appearance of Monolith. Marte Gracia and Matt Hollingsworth collaborated on the colors. Issue includes a tribute to the late Mike Pasciullo, Marvel marketing executive. 


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #9 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Bruce Banner, imagining himself chained to a tree and fired upon with a variety of weapons, is undergoing therapy with the Samson Protocol, a program where he is analyzed by a hologram Doc Samson. He has programmed it so that he must complete two hours of therapy every day to be allowed into the Starship Hulk control deck; the ultimate goal: to have “Samson” determine whether Bruce is sane enough to continue these voyages. Samson asks Bruce for a happy memory from his childhood and Bruce recalls Logan James Gidley, a school friend who was always nice to him and whose home became a safe refuge for Bruce—until the father came to pick him up every time. Samson okays Bruce’s return to the control deck…

…where Bruce has a large crew, all variations of himself, scanning the universe. Bruce is informed that they have picked up a distress call on a beam of gamma so they follow it to a planet. The planet is smooth with rings of debris encircling it with towing casinos dotting the landscape. So Bruce has Starship Hulk land where they see…a giant statue of Hulk at the foot of one of the towers. Then are attacked by rat-like humans which are driven away by a flash of energy. A tall, armor-clad woman introduces herself as Monolith and adds, “Welcome home….” 

Ryan Ottley
Cliff Rathburn
Ryan Ottley (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Ottley (Cover Inker)
Romulo Fajardo (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)
Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)

(Bruce Banner)

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