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Incredible Hulk #463: Review

Apr 1998
Peter David, Adam Kubert

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College Daze

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #463 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Pony Bruce turns into the incredible Hulk and destroys the giant troyjan robot that had him capive. Then he goes after the other robots who travel up to the university of Stanford. That's where president Bill Clinton's daughter attends school. Jade jaws has fun breaking up every robot in his way. until a huge mothership shows up on the sky. From it, a hologram of Armageddon's speaker invites the Hulk to come inside the ship, or they would kill Thunderbolt Ross, captive in the spaceship. Hulk turns into Bruce and this one accepts to be taken prissoner. To world's eyes, he becomes the heroe who gave himself in to the alien foes preventing the president's daugther from any harm. In the ship, Ross finds out that the troyjans are responsable for his resurrection. Meanwhile Armageddon planns his revenge and the Silver Surfer approaches the spaceship. Special guests: Betty, Rick Jones, Marlo.

Adam Kubert
Mark Farmer
Adam Kubert (Cover Penciler)


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