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Incredible Hulk #468: Review

Sep 1998
Joe Casey, Javier Pulido

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A Dark Green Life

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #468 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Locked in the old cave of New Mexico (where controlled in his earlier days), Hulk unleashes his pain on the surrounding rocks. The loss of Betty causes nightmares to her father Thunderbolt Ross who sees his daughter alive but then killed by the first Gamma bomb blast. Her death makes the first one want to dye, the second seek revenge. When Banner is back, Rick Jones opens up the prison door and convinces Bruce that he needs some scientific proof before blaming for his wife's death. The thought is logical but the only place to go is former Gamma Base, now called Hulkbuster Base. The lab is directed by a young physicist called Katherine Elizabeth Spar. This scientist admires Banner and is convinced of his inocence. To prove it, she starts studying the blood samples of all beings infected by gamma rays. Bruce, who entered disguized as a janitor, hears her theory and gets in the lab at night to check the truth. When the results show up, his patterns don't match with the guilty ones. A mixed feeling of anger and relief mark a new beggining for this heroe. When the computer points the killer, it says sample num. 6. The enormous tension turns Bruce into Hulk and totally unraged, the giant brakes it all including the samples. The soldiers accomplish little and Hulk leaps away from the Base. The following day, while Spar and her people watch the destruction, the name of the murderer shows up in the floor: Blonsky (Emil), the Abomination.

Javier Pulido
Larry Mahlstedt
Javier Pulido (Cover Penciler)


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