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Incredible Hulk #11: Review

Feb 2000
Jerry Ordway, Ron Garney

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Role Reversal

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #11 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Locked in a maximum security SHIELD prison, Bruce Banner waits for his death sentence. Little could attorney Jennifer Walters, AKA the She-Hulk, or his friend Dr. Doc Samson do to avoid this situation. In a last attempt to save him, the psychiatrist takes Archie Leopold to the cell in order to get something out from Banner. While Bruce starts speaking to him, the floor collapses and a group of Hulks (!) rescue Bruce and the miner. SHIELD soldiers can't stop them, neither Doc Samson who follows the little Hulks making his way through caves in the ground until he drops unconscious. One of those Hulks picks Doc Samson up and carries him to where the others are gathered.

When Doc Samson wakes up, that Hulk tells him the whole truth: he is Bruce Banner, Tyrannus used awesome machines to control the Hulk and destroy the town of Faulkner. Since Bruce resisted Tyrannus' control, the villain used another machine to transfer the Hulk's power into one of his subterranean slaves. That Hulk was who caused the plane to crash, and had no ears. Regretful of what he did, the slave traded places with Banner before SHIELD found him. He was willing to die as payment for his doings. While Doc Samson is picturing all of that, Bruce switches the Hulk power into himself and smashes the machines. Doc Samson discovers a hidden SHIELD camera in Leopold's shirt, silent witness of Bruce's speech. The Hulk escapes through the rocks, Doc Samson comes back to the surface world, Archie becomes the new leader of the subterranean people, Banner's accusation is canceled and Bruce continues to hide from the world. Special guests: Reed Richards, Captain America, Colonel St.Lawrence, Nick Fury, Sheriff Tolliver.

Ron Garney
Sal Buscema
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)


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Doc Samson
Doc Samson

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