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Incredible Hulk #13: Review

Apr 2000
Paul Jenkins, Ron Garney

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Snake Eyes Part II

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #13 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Beast Hulk is waiting for Bruce to make a move. Banner thinks the Merged (Professor) Hulk can help. But he needs Mr.Fixit (the gray version) to untie Merged (Professor) from the Crossroads tree. So the scientist makes a deal with former Las Vegas bodyguard: Fixit gets the nights, Merged (Professor) gets the daylight, and Banner is always inside controlling both versions. When Fixit agrees, Bruce unties him. But the Beast Hulk makes the move, crushing the floor around them with a single punch. Fixit jumps at the Beast but is hit hard against the hundred hands tree. The impact breaks the Merged (Professor) Hulk's chains, who joins Fixit in the task of defeating the giant Hulk monster. Meanwhile, Bruce starts wondering around his subconscious maze, observing and trying to understand how to stop this insane inner confrontation. He reaches a cavern full of distinct Hulk incarnations in a state of hibernation, trapped in transparent columns. They are part of Banner's psyche, with the possibility of showing up someday. The walk takes Banner to one chained incarnation, the Devil Hulk, who asks to be freed. He's the worst Hulk persona it can be, threatening to destroy everything the physicist holds dear, and claiming he's needed. Banner runs away from the cavern and sees how Merged (Professor) and Fixit can't control the Beast. Bruce realizes he needs the Savage Hulk and asks him for help. Feeling at last accepted, the child version of the Stronger One There Is leaps at the Beast and starts downloading tons of pressure in every fist he lands on the monster. Eventually, the three personas together defeat the Beast Hulk and Banner hypnotic session ends. Dr.Angela Lipscombe takes Bruce for a ride. The dying man tells her about the agreement with the Hulks while silently witnessing a glimpse of snake eyes in his look.

Ron Garney
Sal Buscema
Ron Garney (Cover Penciler)

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