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Incredible Hulk #23: Review

Feb 2001
Paul Jenkins, Kyle Hotz

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Disorganized Crime Part 2

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #23 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Foster, the Delfini family's right hand man, gives the Hulk the owed 2 million dollars. But he offers ten millon more if the Gray Guy "takes care" of the Delfini brothers. Foster, hidded behind Senior's death, made a huge fortune with the family bussiness. Now he wants to get rid of the three stupid sons, and run the operation along with the enormous Mr.Pyles, Delfini's hitman. Following Foster's plan, Hulk lets the mob brothers find him. Mr.Pyles comes to the rescue. Instead of killing them, Hulk starts trading blows with Pyles. The human monster is so strong, he offers the Hulk a decent fight. Mr.Fixit remembers a story about Pyles he heard in Vegas: young Pyles was attacked by little dogs who somehow ate his balls. Since then, the hitman fears them big time. Hulk is thrown inside of a pet shop where he finds some puppies. When Pyles shows up, the Hulk throws him the dogs. Falling helplessly to the floor, Hulk tapes the dogs to Pyles and facing the Delfini brothers, asks them for 10 million bucks in order to live. With all that money, Hulk plays in the Casino, looses most of it and leaves Chicago.

Kyle Hotz
Eric Powell
Kyle Hotz (Cover Penciler)

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