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Incredible Hulk #31: Review

Oct 2001
Sean McKeever, Joe Bennett

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Spiral Staircase Part II

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #31 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Leader explains Hulk how he managed to "survive" from his "death" back in their last encounter (TIH #400). On his "way" to death, the villain saw a vision most comforting. But was unable to join it. He used his brilliant mind to somehow survive, building his body from dead animal and plant cells. But he wants to reach that light. So he decided to call Bruce Banner and offer him a cure for his illness. Somehow, the Leader knows all about Banner's decease and his fractured psyche. Hulk knows that if he changes back to Banner, he may die. But the villain would only give the cure to Banner. May be a trap, but if the Leader can cure Banner, he may revive Betty! Hulk puts on the helmet and turns back to Banner. The ill scientist falls helpless to the floor but starts to feel fine right away! On his feet and seemingly cured, Banner asks his nemesis why did he save his life. The Leader explains that he was enlighten by that vision. And the moment to reach that light has come. He wants Banner to see how he reaches it, in other words, to witness how the Leader reaches heaven's doors. The villain also points a box to Banner where he can find all the information to cure himself. And as he grows larger, the Leader prepares himself for his last journey. Bruce watches in amusement. But the Leader fails in his attempt to reach the light. His body explodes and the mine starts crumbling down. Banner turns into the Professor Hulk who grabs the box and comes out harmless from under the tons of stone. He looks back at his nemesis new grave and then leaps away.

Joe Bennett
Tom Palmer

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