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Incredible Hulk #47: Review

Jan 2003
Bruce Jones, Stuart Immonen

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Transfer Of Power

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4 stars


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #47 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Sandra Verdugo looks for the Hulk-gun under Agent Pratt's clothes. Pratt "wakes" up and grabs Banner. Sandra shoots his face and takes Banner to her car. Pratt shows up again, and Sandra has to shoot him again to leave. As they ride, Sandra tells Bruce that she found him using her laptop, which she took from a couple who found it on the shack. She explains Bruce that in order to reintegrate, she needs blood and nutrients. Sort of a vampire. She took blood from the old man who "lend" her the old car. She also took blood from the kid on the swing, curing him from leukemia. She left those people with enough blood to survive. Suddenly, a blowout causes Banner to hit the dashboard and pass out. He wakes up at Laurie Copeland's place. This time, she is alive. Laurie lends them her car, and feels sorry that Bruce has to leave. Riding Laurie's car, Sandra continues explaning Banner what happened. Sandra entered Laurie's appartment when she left to see her mother. Banner had a concussion that almost drove him into a comma. To save him, Sandra transfused him some of her blood. He got better, but she got worse. She managed to reach the closet, and was the corpse the police saw, not Laurie's. Sandra woke up in the morgue, and took the blood from the physician to re-integrate herself. She then rescued Banner from Pratt and the police. Somehow, Verdugo's blood prevented Banner from turning into the Hulk. But Banner's blood and immune system will gradually take over, so Banner is not cured. As they speak, someone reaches them in a black SUV. Ricky Myers seems to be in the rear seat of the SUV. The cars collide and fall down the side. Sandra runs desperately towards the SUV to rescue her son, trapped under the vehicle. Bruce grabs the SUV and throws it like it were light. But Ricky was just a dummy. Banner asks Sandra to drive away from there. But the road is closed by many other black SUVs.

Stuart Immonen
Scott Koblish
Kaare Andrews (Cover Penciler)

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