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Incredible Hulk #45: Review

Nov 2002
Bruce Jones, Stuart Immonen

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Remember Me Never

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #45 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
A couple finds the burned shack, and Verdugo's laptop. Amazingly, the laptop still works. But someone, who invokes fear in them, comes from behind and requests the laptop. Later, an old man taking care of a flat tire, is approached by someone he calls the angel of death. That one "borrows" his car. Finally, a blind kid is playing in a swing. Someone approaches him with obscure intentations. Rain falls at night in the city. Bruce Banner walks the city streets, until he sees a police car. He gets nervous and runs away. Suddenly, a flash blinds him. Next thing, he wakes up on a bed next to a beautiful, black hair, white woman called Laurie Copeland. Since Banner doesn't recognize her, Laurie explains him that she hit him with her car in that alley days ago. To avoid having problems with the police, she took her to her appartment instead of a hospital. The landlord, Mrs.Krosky, complained. But she lied to her that Banner was her brother, George Copeland. Banner, still feeling week, falls to sleep. When he wakes up, Laurie tells him that she will be leaving town to see her mother, and be back in less than a week. Banner falls to sleep again and wakes up when someone is pounding on the door. It's the police and Mrs.Krosky. Banner lets them in. Mrs.Krosky accusses Banner of killing his "sister" Laurie. Banner finds out that there has been three weeks since he was last conciouss. Blood is coming from under the door of the walk-in closet. When the police man opens the door, he finds the corpse of a dark hair woman. Banner is taken to the hospital, suspect of murder. Banner tries explainng the police that he is innocent, and that his name is not Copeland. But the driver's licence the police found on the appartment is of George Copeland, and has Bruce's picture on it (!). Oh man... Suddenly, Agent Pratt comes in the room, and shots the police man dead. Banner cannot believe it, but the dead Pratt, is back and ugly alive...

Stuart Immonen
Scott Koblish
Kaare Andrews (Cover Penciler)

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