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Incredible Hulk #51: Review

May 2003
Bruce Jones, Mike Deodato Jr.

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Killing Season

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #51 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
In a very revealing and sexy outfit, Nadia brings breakfast to Bruce as he wakes up. Nadia offers Bruce some vitamins, but he passes, and takes a shower. Nadia enters the shower, and allows Bruce to kiss her after he's taken the vitamin. Bruce falls unconsciouss, and Nadia takes him to the bedroom. The vitamin pill was but a strong tranquilizer. Nadia grabs a laptop from a suitcase, and contacts the leader of the Secret Conspiracy. The leader congratulates Nadia for her outstanding 'work', and promisses she will reunite with her husband, Emil Blonsky (the Abomination). Suddenly, Bruce recovers his consciousness. But Nadia hides the laptop, and tells Bruce he slipped and fell. Nadia asks Bruce to stay in bed while she looks for an aspirin. Nadia runs towards her store, but finds none. So she goes to the shed and finds a bottle. Suddenly, a thunderous noise followed by a tremor shakes the shed. Nadia comes out and finds the Hulk outside the shed, staring at her. Meanwhile, another agent named Baxter goes looking for the DVD. First, and disguised as an old lady, he looks for it at the sex shop, but doesn't find it. Since he broke things around, the owner called the authorities. Baxter kills them, and shots a witness. Then, Baxter visits the bar where he accepts the tempting invitation of the beautiful girl bartender. As he's laying on bed, the bartender tries shooting him. But Baxter shoots her first (in the fronthead), and finds the DVD under her bra. And in the military base, Agent S-3 shows the Abomination images of the last encounter between Nadia and Bruce, and asks the Abomination to face the Hulk, promissing she will remove the neck dart and he will reunite with his wife Nadia. As she releases the nuckles that lock the Abomination, the green monster grabs her with the intention of killing her. But she convinces the Abomination to stop or the deal is off.

Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Deodato Jr.


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Nadia Dornova-Blonsky.

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