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Incredible Hulk #715: Review

Apr 2018
Greg Pak, Carlo Barberi

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World War Hulk II, Part II

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3.5 stars

Incredible Hulk #715 Review by (April 18, 2018)

Review: So far this isn't an auspicious start to something called “World War Hulk II” with its small roster of combatants and confined to a single rooftop. But things can always get more interesting later. The metaphor of Hulk and Amadeus fighting for control of a car makes for a very nice visual metaphor and provides much of the drama. We'll see what comes next.

Comments: Bannered “Marvel Legacy” and “World War Hulk II.” I can't quite identify the other two members of Alpha Flight who arrive with Sasquatch but they don't do anything anyway.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #715 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The Dark Hulk takes delight in tormenting the defeated Prince Phalkan and boasting about it. Amadeus' sister Maddie Cho is in contact with Black Panther and Atlas Director Jimmy Woo and they want her data on Amadeus Hulk; she doesn't trust them and prefers to confront her brother herself. She races to the scene on a levitating disc while elsewhere Spider-Man (M. Morales) and Ms. Marvel (K. Khan) learn of the situation and hurry over. Hulk is attacked by Phalkan's guards and uses his captive as a shield. Maddie tries appealing to Amadeus buried deep in the Hulk's psyche (displayed as Amadeus locked in the trunk of the car Hulk is driving). An alien guard shoots Hulk in the head, allowing Amadeus to escape from the trunk and run off. Hulk caches him, threatening to kill him but Amadeus reminds him that they are both part of the same person—which causes Hulk to freeze up under the attacks of the guards; Maddie's attempts at distracting the guards leads to her being in peril. Hulk makes a deal with Amadeus to let him have his way in exchange for rescuing his sister. Hulk tries to persuade Maddie that he is still Amadeus in control but Amadeus, back in the trunk, is able to send signals via a throbbing vein in Hulk's neck, telling her what to do. Sasquatch and Alpha Flight arrive to pick up Phalkan but Hulk refuses to turn him over. Ms Marvel and Spidey arrive and try to convince Hulk to follow the law as Alpha Flight are the legal authorities and Hulk still refuses. Maddie, using the formula for gammas blockers that Amadeus had sent her in Morse Code, blasts the Hulk causing him to start to transform back into Amadeus—but he quickly recovers, smashes Maddie's gun, and sets himself to fight his friends....

Carlo Barberi
Walden Wong
Frank D'Armata
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Inker)
Morry Hollowell (Cover Colorist)

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