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Incredible Hulk #716: Review

May 2018
Greg Pak, Marco Lorenzana

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World War Hulk II Part III

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3.5 stars

Incredible Hulk #716 Review by (May 9, 2018)

Review: First they got rid of Sam Wilson Captain America. Then they “killed” Jane Foster Thor. And now it's Amadeus Cho Hulk's turn to say goodbye. And over in Iron Man's title, I'm sure Riri Williams and Doctor Doom are learning to number their days. And here is the countdown: one more issue left. This one is full of confusing action and bickering. This finale had better be worth it.

Comments: Bannered “Marvel Legacy” and “World War Hulk II.” Black Panther is shown fighting Hulk on the cover but he only appears in the issue remotely from Wakanda.



Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #716 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The Dark Hulk has taken control, pushing Amadeus Cho deep into the subconscious and the Green Giant faces a small set of heroes including Spider-Man, Ms Marvel, Sasquatch, and Amadeus' sister Maggie Cho—and they are soon joined by Captain Marvel and Silk. With a thunderclap, Hulk scatters the assembled heroes and notifies the occupants of the building they are atop to evacuate. Captain Marvel appeals to Hulk to surrender but he still holds a grudge over what happened to Bruce Banner. He also brings charges against Sasquatch, Black Panther and Jimmy Woo who are listening in, and his fellow champions. And then Amadeus again signals Maggie from inside the huge green body but this time Hulk knows what is going on and puts a stop to it. But this was a distraction for a satellite to blast Hulk, degammafying him; instead Hulk jumps straight up and wrecks the satellite. He then sends a message to all the other heroes that he is in charge—but Thor has arrived to take him on. Again it's another distraction for T'Challa and Woo to fire upon the Hulk. Hulk decides to solve his biggest problem—by hurling Amadeus off a cliff....

Marco Lorenzana
Juan Vlasco
Frank D'Armata
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Inker)
Morry Hollowell (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Black Panther
Black Panther

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

(Carol Danvers)

(Amadeus Cho)
Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

(Carol Danvers)

(Walter Langkowski)

(Miles Morales)

Plus: Jimmy Woo, Mastermind Excello (Amadeus Cho).

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