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Incredible Hulk #713: Review

Feb 2018
Greg Pak, Greg Land

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Return to Planet Hulk Part V

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4.5 stars

Incredible Hulk #713 Review by (February 21, 2018)

Comments: “Marvel Legacy.” Issue includes a teaser for INFINITY COUNTDOWN, in which Super Skrull gains the Time Gem.

Review: The story arc wraps up in a satisfying fashion with the larger-than-life exploits we've come to expect from the Hulk. But the monster has been unleashed and he won't go back quietly. Next up: World War Hulk II and the threat and the promise of more disaster!


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #713 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from Incredible Hulk #713

The evening before the final level of the Gauntlet, Hulk (Amadeus Cho) is repairing some Earth technology to aid the Doka'abi with agricultural matters—and it even plays Pac-Man. The injured Odinson suggests Hulk should be preparing for the coming battle. If Hulk falls, an alliance of tribes will fight for their freedom against the odds. Priestess Maeera advises Amadeus to let out the Worldbreaker he has within, and to abandon his ideal of never having killed....

The next day, the battle is to be held in the Valley of Hell, with the Warlord's troops ready to massacre the clan should Hulk fall. The Warlord arrives, wearing armor that enables him to fly and fire deadly blasts from his hands. He launches two tracking missiles at Hulk and Hulk leads them back to the Warlord where they explode. Hulk demands his opponent's surrender; Warlord knows that Hulk will not kill him so he promises that he will return and kill all of Hulk's people. In Amadeus' subconscious, the savage Hulk tells him that he must kill the Warlord in order to save the world; Amadeus insists there must be another way. Warlord launches the nuclear missile he has been holding in reserve. Savage Hulk shames Amadeus into letting him take control and he does. The Worldbreaker is loose and he absorbs all of the deadly radiation from the nuke, saving everyone's lives. Warlord, critically injured, is still voicing threats so Hulk's ally Chak skewers him with a spear....

One month later, Hulk and Thor have built a fortified city for the Doka'abi and their allies; Maeera suggest that the two Earth heroes leave before the World breaker lives up to his name. As Hulk and Thor are flying back to Earth in a ship, Thor advises Hulk to ignore Maeera's last words, as Hulk did what he had to and everything turned out fine. Hulk similes...because he knows that the raging monster is in control now with Amadeus locked away in the trunk....

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Greg Land
Jay Leisten
Frank D'Armata
Greg Land (Cover Penciler)
Greg Land (Cover Inker)


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(Amadeus Cho)

Plus: Maeera (Priestess Maeera).

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