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Invaders, The #2: Review

Oct 1975
Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins

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The Twilight Of The Star-Gods!

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3 stars

Invaders, The #2 Review by (January 31, 2010)
Bucky Barnes does not appear in this issue. There is no explanation as to what the blue-green water is, or where it came from, and why it dissolved those who plunged into it. Introduction of a letters page to be called "Okay, Axis, Here We Come!" Also an editor's note that the Invaders will begin monthly publication afterall, starting with this issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Invaders, The #2 Synopsis by Marc Toy
After a brief recap of the previous issue, the Invaders (Namor, Human Torch, and Toro) battle the "Gods" ( Froh, Loga and Donar) and find them to be a difficult match. Meanwhile, Cap and the mysterious blonde (Hilda) take refuge in a cave, only to be captured by the German military. They are taken to the secret hideout of Brain Drain where they meet the vile monster he is. A brain with eyes, floating in a transparent bubble, and attached to a humanoid metal body. He explains how he got to be this way; that the "Gods" are merely aliens who spaceship crash landed, how he was nearby,and the shockwaves affected his body. The aliens did what they could to aid him but he remained this grotesque creature. He then stole their energy source (a ring) and used it against them, making them believe they were "Gods" working for the Third Reich. One alien was not affected and this turns out to be Hilda. She quickly swipes the ring out of Brain Drain's metallic hand and throws it into a vat of boiling, blue-green water where it dissolves. She jumps in, Brain Drain follows suit as he admits he loves her, and her fellow alien friends come out of their god like trances. They stop fighting the other Invaders, fly away, and also jump into the strange water which reaches critical mass and explodes like an atomic bomb. Deep in their own thoughts, the Invaders head back to London in Namor's airship.

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Frank Robbins
Vince Colletta
Petra Goldberg
John Romita (Cover Penciler)
John Romita (Cover Inker)
John Romita (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: John Costanza.
Editor: Roy Thomas.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Human Torch
Human Torch

(Jim Hammond)

Plus: Brain Drain.

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