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Invincible Iron Man #169: Review

Apr 1983
Dennis O'Neil, Luke McDonnell

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4 stars

Invincible Iron Man #169 Review by (January 11, 2016)
Comments: Part one of the two-part Magma story. James Rhodes dons the Iron Man armor for the first time. Magma (Jonathan Darque) was introduced in MARVEL TEAM-UP #110 where he was defeated by Spider-Man and Iron Man. A movie theater is advertising THE DARK CRYSTAL and there’s an ad for the Broadway show A CHORUS LINE. Daredevil has a cameo appearance.

Review: A terrific splash page showing Iron Man nearly leaving the panel is a nice way to start a tale of Tony’s Stark’s descent into booze-addled uselessness. Magma is a third-rate villain—that’s why the tale is so sad to see Shellhead taking a beating from such a loser in a silly machine. Nicely put-together issue leads into a similar situation next time as the good guy changes, but still has his problems.


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Invincible Iron Man #169 Synopsis by T Vernon
A drunken Iron Man soars through the skies over Manhattan destroying outdoor advertising for liquor companies; those watching from the streets (including Daredevil) don’t know what to make of it. Tony Stark returns to his penthouse and takes another drink, arguing with the television reporting that Iron Man went on a rampage. He calls a meeting with his lawyers to sue the TV network for slander but they inform him his company is in danger of being taken over by Obadiah Stane….
Meanwhile, the villain Magma (Jonathan Darque) seeking revenge against Iron Man and Tony Stark, rises from the sea piloting a deadly craft with spindly arms and legs. Magma uses the mounted guns and the craft’s bulk to cut a swath through the city, heading straight for Stark International….
Meanwhile, Jim Rhodes arrives at Stark to a warm welcome from Tony. A report of the coming Magma makes Tony slip out and don the armor; soon he is facing the mechanical monstrosity as Iron Man. But Tony is drunk: with his slow reaction time the villain is able to thrash him around like a rag doll. Unable to stand up to his foe’s attacks, Iron Man does what he never did before: he runs from the fight. Back at the company, Shellhead takes Rhodey with him as he gives himself a massive jolt of electricity, burning out the circuits in the entire complex as well as the armor. In the inner sanctum, Iron Man reveals his identity to Rhodey (who had already guessed) then passes out cold. As Magma reaches the Stark campus, Rhodey decides to put on the Iron Man armor to try to save the day…..

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Penciler: Luke McDonnell. Inker: Steve Mitchell. Colorist: Bob Sharen. Letterer: Rick Parker.

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Colorist: ?. Letterer: ?.

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Luke McDonnell
Steve Mitchell
Bob Sharen
Luke McDonnell (Cover Penciler)
Steve Mitchell (Cover Inker)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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