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Marvel Adventures Hulk #9: Review

Mar 2008
Paul Benjamin, Steve Scott

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Analyze Smash This

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5 stars


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Marvel Adventures Hulk #9 Synopsis by Jeffrey Hamel
In the New Mexico desert Doc Samson has tracked down the Hulk. Samson has experimented on himself using Banner's gamma ray research, he is now very powerful. As the Hulk, Rick Jones and Monkey are going to land from one of the Hulk's incredible leaps, Samson attacks the Hulk, knocking him down. Samson catches Rick and Monkey.

Doc Samson and the Hulk begin to fight again and Betty Ross appears and gets the Hulk to calm down. Hulk changes back into Bruce Banner as introductions are made. Bruce explains to Rick that Samson is a Psychiatrist and they have known each other for some time. Betty and Samson have been trying to find a cure for Bruce and have been working together. Betty and Samson lead Bruce, Rick and Monkey to a military base where they have a machine that they think will help Bruce.

Doc Samson tells Bruce that he would like to give him gamma treatments in conjunction with counseling sessions. So, Samson and Bruce start in a session and Bruce finds out that he can get a little upset without turning into the Hulk. Samson says that the more sessions they have, the better Banner's control will be. As Bruce leaves the office to rest, Samson starts to counsel Rick who isn't impressed with him in the least. Bruce finds Betty and says he's glad they can be together; Betty says she needs to tell him something. At that moment, Rick and Monkey show and interrupt them. Betty says she's tired and needs to go to bed. So, Bruce and Rick decide to check the gamma equipment that Samson has been using on Bruce to make sure everything’s ok with it. As they walk into the office, they find Betty and Samson about to kiss. Betty tells Bruce she's sorry, and that while working on his cure she and Samson had fallen in love. Samson tries to talk to Bruce, but it is too late. Bruce changes into the Hulk and attacks Samson. In their battle the gamma equipment is destroyed. Hulk defeats Samson and Rick tells Samson that people don't like to be lied to from their "friends". Hulk, Rick and Monkey leave them there.

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Steve Scott
Nathan Massengill
Chris Sotomayor
Steve Scott (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)

(Bruce Banner)

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