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Marvel Adventures Hulk #7: Review

Jan 2008
Paul Benjamin, David Nakayama

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Everybody's Gone Surfing H-U-L-K

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4 stars


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Marvel Adventures Hulk #7 Synopsis by Jeffrey Hamel
In the SOL Solar System, near Earth, the Silver Surfer and Terrax are fighting. The Silver Sufer was the herald of Galactus and has the power cosmic that allows him to travel through space. Galactus is the destroyer of worlds and was going to devour Earth. When the Silver Surfer knew of that, he left Galactus and Galactus found a new herald... Terrax!

Terrax considers the Silver Surfer a traitor. On Earth in the Arizona desert... Bruce Banner, Rick Jones and Monkey are sitting under the stars stargazing. They see what appears to be a falling star land near them, but in fact it is the Surfer and Terrax. Terrax plans to steal the Surfer's board and trap him on Earth. Then Terrax intends to go into space and bring down large asteroids and destroy Earth and the Silver Surfer. Bruce, seeing that the Surfer is losing the fight tells Rick to hit him so he'll turn into the Hulk. Rick refuses, so Monkey pokes Bruce in the eye and Bruce turns into Hulk.

Hulk asks who poked him and Rick blames it on Terrax. Hulk and Terrax fight and the Hulk starts to win until Terrax notices that Hulk has Rick and Monkey as friends. Terrax then opens a hole in the ground to swallow them, but the Hulk jumps in after them and saves them. While the Hulk is busy saving his friends, Terrax defeats the Silver Surfer and steal his surf board. Terrax heads into space, while a defeated and exhausted Silver Surfer gives his powers to the Hulk, Rick and Monkey.

The Hulk is now intelligent because of the power cosmic. Silver Surfer hopes the Hulk's power and his own cosmic power will be enough to stop Terrax. Hulk, Rick and Monkey fly into space and catch Terrax on his way back to Earth with asteroids in tow. Hulk, Rick, and Monkey attack Terrax. Hulk knocks out Terrax and Terrax floats away into space. Hulk, Rick and Monkey come back to Earth and give the Silver Surfer back his power. The Surfer is grateful for the help and pledges his help in the future.

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David Nakayama
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