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Marvel Adventures Hulk #2: Review

Aug 2007
Paul Benjamin, Juan Santacruz

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The Hulks Take Manhattan

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4 stars


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Marvel Adventures Hulk #2 Synopsis by Jeffrey Hamel
Bruce Banner and Rick Jones find themselves in Manhattan where they hire Jamie Madrox (aka the Multiple Man) to find a scientist friend of Bruce's named Professor Singh. While on their way to pay Madrox, Bruce and Rick are about to be mugged by some punks when Madrox shows up. Madrox's power is the ability to make copies of himself whenever he is hit. The copies are him, but a different side of his personality. So, the Multiple Man sends the punks packin' and brings Bruce and Rick and the monkey to his office.

Bruce gets the address to Professor Singh's lab and sneeks inside to use his equipment to hopefully cure himself of being the Hulk. As Bruce positions himself under the laser, a copy of Madrox shows up. The copy believes Bruce is trying to turn himself into a super villain. The copy of Madrox tries to pull Bruce out from under the laser. But, it is too late.. The laser fires and Bruce and the copy are caught in the beam. Bruce then turns into the Hulk. The real Madrox arrives and tells the copy that he figured out Bruce was trying to cure himself. As the Hulk smashes the wall to leave, an unexpected side effect happens. Where there stood one Hulk, there are now two. Having the copy of Madrox in the laser blast has given the Hulk the power to be copied if hit.

The real Hulk tackles the Hulk copy and they both fall to the sidewalk. At that point, more Hulks appear. The Hulks start to fight each other causing property damage and scaring people away. One of the Hulk copies jump back up to the lab... It is a Hulk with the personality of Banner. The "smart" Hulk readjusts the laser and says he can undo the damage if he can get the real Hulk under the laser. Monkey is able to "sniff" out the real Hulk out of the many Hulks in the street. So, the "smart" Hulk grabs him and kicks him back into the lab. The real Hulk goes to smash the laser and his fist is zapped by the laser. All the other Hulk copies are instantly drawn back into the real Hulk. Hulk then turns back into Banner. Bruce and Rick decide to leave before the authorities show up. The Multiple Man stays behind as copies of him start to clean up the mess the Hulks made.

Juan Santacruz
Raul Fernandez


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(Bruce Banner)

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