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Marvel Adventures Hulk #4: Review

Oct 2007
Paul Benjamin, David Nakayama

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The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Mayhem!

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4 stars


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Marvel Adventures Hulk #4 Synopsis by Jeffrey Hamel
High in the Rocky Mountains, Bruce Banner, Rick Jones and Monkey are hiding out in a cabin. Bruce is working on a his "nano-nuclear cellular reconfiguration matrix", a machine to rid him of the Hulk. Rick call's it the "de-Hulkifier" much to Bruce's annoyance.

Outside the cabin looking down on it is General Ross, Multiple Man and Radioactive Man. Ross has hired Multiple Man to help him capture the Hulk. Ross has promised Radioactive Man a window in his cell (he was captured last issue) if he also helped. Radioactive Man crashes into the cabin and punches Bruce through a window which causes him to turn into the Hulk. Multiple Man and Radioactive Man attack the Hulk. Hulk hits Multiple Man and that makes more copies of Multiple Man. The battle becomes so powerful that an avalanche starts down the hill. Multiple Man and the Hulk stop the avalanche. Hulk then knocks out Radioactive Man and Rick tells Multiple Man what a hero the Hulk really is. Radioactive Man then decides to stop chasing after the Hulk. The Hulk and Rick jump away into the distance.

David Nakayama
Gary Martin


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(Bruce Banner)

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