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Marvel Adventures Hulk #1: Review

Jul 2007
Paul Benjamin, David Nakayama

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Is he man or monster or... is he both?

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5 stars

Marvel Adventures Hulk #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The "Marvel Adventures" series aimed at a younger audience. A monkey is added as a companion cast for the Hulk and Rick to travel with.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Adventures Hulk #1 Synopsis by Jeffrey Hamel
This is (Marvel Adventures) Hulk's origin issue. It starts at Gamma Base's Research and Development facility in the Nevada desert. Bruce Banner is the inventor of the Gamma bomb, Betty Ross is his assistant and Rick Jones is an intern. They are going to test the bomb on a fake town they've set up, along with a live test subject... A monkey. The bomb is supposed to be non-lethal and only destroy inanimate objects while leaving living things safe and unharmed.

General Ross
(Betty's father) is overseeing the event for the military. Betty cares for Bruce, but it's obvious that Betty's father has no respect for Bruce. The monkey is caged and left outside the protective bunker that the others are in. The clock starts to count down, but Rick feels sorry for the monkey and worries that it'll be hurt. So Rick runs outside and grabs the monkey but the timer is almost to zero. Bruce sees Rick outside and tries to pause the countdown only to find out that it won't pause. Bruce runs outside to save Rick. Bruce has time enough to push Rick and the monkey inside a protective barrier only to be caught in the blast of the bomb himself.

Smoke engulfs Bruce as Betty runs out after the blast to see if he is alright. As the smoke clears, Betty comes across Bruce, but he has now transformed into the Hulk. She sees Bruce's I.D. badge attached to the Hulk's pants and realizes the Hulk is in fact Bruce Banner. The Hulk transforms back into Bruce Banner and passes out. He later awakens to find himself strapped down to a table with General Ross, Betty, Rick and the monkey standing over him. General Ross starts yelling at Bruce and calling him a failure. Bruce tries to control his anger but to no avail and changes into the Hulk again. The Hulk slaps General Ross and crashes through the wall to the outside.

Military men with tanks try to subdue the Hulk. As the Hulk fights the tanks, a piece of rock hits Rick. The Hulk protects Rick and destroys the tanks. Then, the Hulk leaves and Rick and the monkey go with him, vowing to stick with him and help him. General Ross pledges to get the Hulk no matter what.

David Nakayama
Gary Martin
Wil Quintana
Carlo Pagulayan (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)

(Bruce Banner)

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