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Marvel Adventures Hulk #3: Review

Sep 2007
Paul Benjamin, David Nakayama

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4 stars


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Marvel Adventures Hulk #3 Synopsis by Jeffrey Hamel
In a small town in New Mexico, we find Bruce Banner, Rick Jones and Monkey on the run. General Ross and his armored "Hulkbusters" are there looking for Banner. Bruce sacrifices himself to save Rick and Monkey by running out into the street in front of Ross. Bruce is hit with knock-out gas and is captured and brought back to "Hulkbuster" base. Rick then sneeks in and frees Bruce. A guard sees them and Banner turns into the Hulk. Armored Hulkbusters arrive and attack the Hulk. As Hulk fights them, he accidently destroys a door holding a prisoner named Dr. Lu, also known as the Radioactive Man. The Radioactive Man has the ability to absorb and generate radiation. At this time he cannot generate radiation since he is wearing a harness with a device that stops him from doing so. But, he can absorb it, so he absorbs radiation from the Hulk and Hulk changes back into Bruce.

Bruce, Rick, Monkey and Radioactive Man steal a jeep and escape. Radioactive Man purposely crashes the jeep and they jump a train. Later they end up at a diner where Radioactive Man purposely pushes Rick into a bully. The bully threatens them and Banner starts to change. Then the Radioactive Man absorbs the radiation from Bruce and he doesn't change. Later at an inn, Rick tries to convince Bruce that Dr. Lu is up to no good. Rick points out that it seems that Dr. Lu is trying to make Banner mad so he can absorb radiation.

Ross and the Hulkbusters show up and demand Bruce to give himself up. Radioactive Man provokes Bruce to get mad again and starts to absorb more of Bruce's radiation. At that point, Radioactive Man has absorbed enough radiation to free himself of the harness which keeps him from generating radiation. Bruce then starts to get mad again and tells Rick to keep Hulk mad. Hulk and the Radioactive Man start to fight while Rick taunts Hulk to keep him angry. While the Hulk keeps getting angrier, he produces more energy and the Radioactive Man cannot syphen it away fast enough to turn the Hulk back to Banner. Hulk then knocks out Radioactive Man.

The Hulk, Rick and Monkey escape from the military by one of Hulk's mighty leaps.

David Nakayama
Gary Martin


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(Bruce Banner)

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