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Marvel Feature #1: Review

Dec 1971
Roy Thomas, Ross Andru

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The Day Of The Defenders / The Return

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3 stars

Marvel Feature #1 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The creation of the Defenders. Don Heck is also a penciler in this issue. Other inkers: Frank Giacoia.

Comments: As the cover says, it’s the origin of the Defenders, that notable non-team. Dr. Strange and Namor met before in SUB-MARINER #22 at the end of which Strange was trapped in the realm of the Undying Ones; Strange returned in INCREDIBLE HULK #126 to renounce his magic powers. Silver Surfer has a cameo but will not join the group until DEFENDERS #2. Dr Strange battled Yandroth in STRANGE TALES #164-168. And the Bolt of Bedevilment sounds like a really cool spell.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Marvel Feature #1 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
After receiving a psychic call from Yandroth the supreme scientist, Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme), visits the caller at his hospital bed. The dying Yandroth reveals him about the existence of the Omegatron a device capable of activating all nuclear stockpile held on earth, five hours after its creator's demise. When the villain scientist passes away, Doctor Strange gathers (with difficulty) two of the most powerful beings on the planet to avoid the catastrophe: the Sub-Mariner and the incredible Hulk.

The group finds the complex where the fatal device is located. But as the two powerhouses enter a chamber, Strange discovers that they've been set up: Omegatron needs to feed from the Hulk's and Namor's energy to activate itself. Strange tries stopping his partners but they are tricked and attack the sorcerer! Using hallucinations to escape from the duo, Doctor Strange defeats Omegatron by casting a spell that slows down time for it, making seconds minutes, hours, days, years, centuries, etc. Finally, Doctor Strange explains Namor and the Hulk everything and names the group the Defenders. But the Sub-Mariner and Jade Jaws leave regretting of having gathered.

Also in this story: Wong, Silver Surfer.

“The Sub-Mariner and the Icebergs”

Writer/artist: Bill Everett.

Synopsis: Story reprinted from SUB-MARINER (1954 series) #40  

Namor learns that surface-world ships are passing through Atlantean waters; he has his troops hem the ships in with icebergs. The ships’ attempts to blast through the ice cause damage to Atlantis. Namora goes up to sabotage the ships and is captured; when Namor goes to rescue her, the captain tells him that they are a peaceful science expedition, looking for Uranium and a peaceful agreement is reached. Prince Byrrah does not trust the surface people but their warning of an imminent underwater avalanche allows the city to be evacuated and the people saved. Byrrah apologizes to the surface men and peace is maintained. 

“The Return”

Writer: Roy Thomas. Pencils: Don Heck. Inks: Frank Giacoia. Colors: ?

Synopsis: Stephen Strange, having renounced his magic powers, is walking along a street in Greenwich Village when he spies his former Sanctum Sanctorum. Surprised that it was not closed down after he had ordered Wong to do so, he enters and finds another Doctor Strange in residence, with Wong as servant. The new Strange calls old Strange an impostor and, after a brief duel, wraps old Strange up in the Cloak of Levitation and puts him into a deep sleep. The Ancient One appears to him in a dream and restores his magic powers but he can never again discard them. Strange awakens and defeats the new Strange with a combination of magic and strategy. He unmasks the interloper as Baron Mordo after hitting him with the Bolt of Bedevilment; Wong apologizes and Mordo escapes. Dr. Strange takes up the mantle once again, never to put it down….

Ross Andru
Bill Everett
Neal Adams (Cover Penciler)
Neal Adams (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Sam Rosen.
Editor: Stan Lee.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)

(Bruce Banner)
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

(Norrin Radd)

Plus: Ancient One, Byrrah, Defenders, Omegatron, Yandroth.

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