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Marvel Feature #3: Review

Jun 1972
Roy Thomas, Ross Andru

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A Titan Walks Among Us!

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5 stars


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Marvel Feature #3 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
A space capsule occupied by astronauts Beame and Wagner is surrounded by a rare white vapor before it clashes to the sea. Namor, who was in the area, saves them from being swallowed by a giant squid. The two pilots decide to change the space program for a quieter job. And disguised as Cap'n Cal and Xenmu, they become TV celebrities by hosting a children's program called Astro-Nuts. The audience loves it. But nobody knows that Xenmu is Wagner no more. He's an alien with enormous strength and psionic powers who intends to bring human children to his planet. Jim Wilson suspects something is fishy and contacts Doctor Strange. The sorcerer, disguised as the Hulk, assists as a special guest for an edition broadcasted from Cape Canaveral (Cape Kennedy). When Bruce Banner sees himself (or his alter ego) on television, he changes into the jade giant and leaps towards the impostor. Xenmu hypnotizes children instructing them to go aboard a rocket. Doctor Strange gets the Hulk appearance of and tries stopping the monster. But Xenmu resists his spells. Namor is called by the sorcerer but can't stop Xenmu either. It's the Hulk who defeats the alien and prevents the children from been stolen. Despise all, Thunderbolt Ross' soldiers attack the giant, but little can do. The Sub-Mariner and the Hulk leave the scene regretful of having help. Doctor Strange casts a spell to erase the memory of the children and the world about his part on these events.

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Ross Andru
Bill Everett


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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Thunderbolt Ross
Thunderbolt Ross

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